Education Related Talks & Presentations 

    HEP Lunch-00 Cryptography Talk, (PPT)
    AAPT: "Just in Time Teaching" presentation, (PPT)
    AAPT: "Physics 100" presentation, (PPT)
    Cottrell:  "Interactive Examples" presentation, (PPT)
    UIUC - C of E: "Just in Time Teaching" presentation, (PPT)
    Exemplary Teaching Workshop presentation, (PPT)
    McMaster Colloquium presentation, (PPT)
    Seminar on Grading Exam talk, (PPT)
    GK-12  seminar, (PPT)
CTEN  seminar, (PPT)
    PKAL 2002 Workshop talk (PPT), (PDF), (html)
    CTEN BrownBag Lunch (Sept/6/02) (PPT), (PDF), (html)

    ISAAPT Talk on JiTT (Oct/18/02) (PPT), (PDF), (html)
   MTU Talk on Course Revisions (Nov/21/02) (PPT), (PDF), (html)
   College of Education Teaching Academy (Jan/31/03) (PPT), (PDF), (html)
   Cornell Colloquium on Course Revisions (Mar/10/03) (PPT), (movie)
   Illinois State AAPT talk about Physics 123 (Apr/23/04) (PPT)
   UIUC Physics Colloquium: "Physics For Everyone" (Nov/4/04) (PPT) (clip1) (clip2) (clip3) (clip4)