Research Related Talks & Presentations 

    APS-99 CharmTalk.
GAFOS-99 Pictures from Potsdam
    Saturday Physics-99 Atom Smashers, (PPT)
CLEO-PAC-00 Trigger/DAQ Talk, (PPT)
    Physics Society-00 Dalitz Plot Talk, (PPT)
    UIUC Colloquium-01 Dalitz Plot, (PPT)
    GSAC choose-up presentation, (PPT)
    Telluride House presentation, (PPT)
    CLEO-c Workshop, May/2001 "Beyond the Standard Model" (PPT),(PDF)
    CLEO-PAC-2001 CLEO-c Detector Talk, (PPT)
    Talk to new Grad Students (Oct/19/01) html, (PPT)
    Guelph Colloquium, (PPT).
    Aspen 2002 Winter Conference CLEO-c talk, (PPT).
    FPCP 2002 Conference CP Violation in D Meson Decays, (PPT), (PDF), (movie1),(movie2),(movie3)
CLEO-III Trigger Systematics 3/8/03 Update  (html), (PPT), (PDF)
"Recent Results in Hadronic Charm Decays" CIPANP/03  (html), (PPT), (PDF)
CLEO-c Trigger LEPP Lunch Talk 7/25/03 (PPT), (PDF)
2003 DOE visit BTeV Muon Trigger Talk (PPT), (PDF)
    2003 Physics Advisory Board talk (PPT), (PDF)
    Saturday Physics, 2003 "The Elusive Neutrino..." (PPT), (PDF)
2004 DOE visit CLEO Talk (PPT), (PDF)

HEP-2005 Lisbon "Dalitz" Talk (PPT), (PDF), (phase animation)
HEP-2005 Lisbon "TQCA" Talk (PPT), (PDF)

    REU-2008 Talk - Particle Physics Primer (lots of extra slides included) (PPT)

    Fall 2010 GS Talk - DES  (PPT)