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ILC damping ring kickers

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Acoustic techniques for studying high-voltage breakdown

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High Energy Physics Advocacy and Sociology

George Gollin

Engagement by U.S. University Groups With International Linear Collider R&D Projects, a report that Professor Kevin Pitts and I wrote for the Vice Chancellor for Research at UIUC (203 kB pdf).

See also Encouraging Greater Engagement by U.S. University Groups With International Linear Collider Accelerator R&D Projects (114 kB pdf).

The U.S. HEP community is currently discussing a reorganization of the university-based ILC R&D effort. See U.S. university engagement with the ILC: a report to the Americas Regional Team (356 kB pdf).

University-Based Linear Collider Accelerator R&D in the United States
High energy physics seminars, Harvard, March 24, 2005; Princeton, March 31, 2005; University of Rochester, April 26, 2005 (6.0 MB pdf). (PowerPoint [12.7 MB] is here).

Hari Seldon, Please Call Your Office: Linear Colliders, Big Science, and U.S. Universities
University of Michigan high energy physics seminar; March 8, 2004 (6.5 MB pdf). (PowerPoint [29 MB!!] is here).

Confronting Mathematics with Duct Tape: How Can We Tell When Mathematics and Physical Reality Coincide?
Given at Sheldon Katz's "String Theory Rap" at UIUC and then at the UIUC BCDE seminar; May, 2003. 2.4 MB pdf. (Here's a Powerpoint version.)

The Wild Wild West Confronts Big Science: NLC and TESLA at U.S. Universities
Given at CPPM (Marseille), Rutherford-Appleton Lab, and Queen Mary College (London); March, 2003. 3 MB pdf. (Here's a Powerpoint version.)

Federal support for the physical sciences
Shown to various legislative aides in Washington, D.C.; January 31, 2003. 147 kB pdf. (Here's a Powerpoint version.)

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