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Wittfield University International is a private, non-traditional, off- campus institution, providing a multi national assessment and affiliated teaching facility for a global community of qualified, skilled professionals and business executives, seeking academic recognition for their learning achievements.

Degree Recognition and Acceptance
Wittfield University International, is fully and properly incorporated as a private commercial university company in the Federation of Nevis, a full member of the British Commonwealth and the United Nations. The University has an adminstrative office in the UK. As a foreign university we are in full compliance with all laws regarding education in the United Kingdom. WUI, as a non-residency, foreign University, does not have a Royal Charter, and is not an institution registered with the Department of Education and Science in the United Kingdom.
WUI confers Bachelor's Master's and Doctorate degrees on students who have met the graduation requirements of the University.
The value of any university degree, traditional or non-traditional, depends upon needs, objectives, conditions and circumstances. Students who plan to earn credits or a degree from Wittfield University International for transfer to another school are encouraged to contact that school/university in advance, as WUI credits and degrees may not be transferable.

Wittfield University International is a non- U.S. institution, and not accredited by an accrediting agency or association recognised by the U.S. Secretary of Education. WUI, as a non-residency, foreign University, does not have a Royal Charter, and is not an institution registered with the Department of Education and Science in the United Kingdom.
However, Wittfield University International is an Institutional Member of the Design, Technology and Management Society, South Africa.
Prospective students to whom a regionally accredited degree is of importance, may wish to enrol in regionally accredited residential university programmes and not consider alternative distance learning programmes. WUI is international in scope, offering degree programmes to adult professionals worldwide. The University is a private, non-traditional institution, operating globally.

Licenses and Credentials
The University is oriented to those individuals not seeking licenses or credentials requiring regionally accredited degrees. Wittfield University's degree programmes are not designed to meet any particular local, state or national licensing or credentialing laws, nor to meet requirements established by any private independent associations. If you are seeking a degree for licensing purposes, Wittfield University advises you to check with that association, state, or specific school district to determine if it is acceptable.

It is the responsibility of each candidate to determine, prior to enrolment at Wittfield, that degree programmes meet his/her admission, employment or transfer requirements.

Statement of Mission
Wittfield University serves an international learning community, placing its degree candidates at the very center of their life learning process. It is our mission to provide a high quality and economical programme for adults seeking self-improvement and professional growth. We believe in creating a link between the world of life and work experience and academic credit. We are committed to excellence and different points of view, and believe in the dignity and worth of each individual. We believe in doing what is right.

Graduation will occur after all programme requirements have been fulfilled and the student has met all financial obligations to the University. At this time, the graduate receives the diploma and official transcript. The University issues standard, traditional Diplomas.

Student Records and Transcripts
The University stands ready to provide degree verification and official transcripts following written request by employers and others specifically authorised by the graduate. After completion of the programme, our graduates are provided with an official transcript. Original student transcripts will be filed in the graduates permanent record at the University.

Transfer of Credits
WUI recognises and grants credit for academic and professional learning achievements, as well as other relevant work/ occupational learning experience. International students must be able to correspond with the University in English. Credit earned at recognised schools outside the U.S. will be accepted toward fulfilling degree requirements. If transcripts or other documents are not in English, a translation must accompany it.

Degree Programme Requirements
Regular Degree Programmes are taught via Wittfield's affiliated, licensed, international on- campus Study Centers.
For our Fast Track degree programmes the following methods or an acceptable combination may complete your programme requirements:

  • Occupational and Work Experience (Credentialisation):
    The sum of your learning experience is evaluated, and credits are granted for all that has been learned and experienced to date, as it relates to the degree applied for. The primary source of credit (past and present), for many of our degree candidates is their work/ occupation or professional activities.
  • Credit Transfer:
    Some course work requirements may be satisfied by transferring previously earned academic credit.
  • Curriculum Study:
    Use of traditional study guides, text books, or other requirements not satisfied through any other means.
  • Bachelor's Degree: 120 credits
    A High School Diploma or GED, or the equivalent, and a total of 4 years of occupational experience in the field or area of specialisation related to the degree applied for.
  • Master's Degree: + 45 credits
    A Bachelor's Degree or the professional equivalent, and a total of 4 years of occupational experience in the field related to the degree programme chosen, or registration in the Wittfield Combined Bachelor's/ Master's programme.

Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation

In Addition to credits awarded for occupational and life learning experience, credit may be given for:

  • Military Service Courses:
    The University utilises the guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council of Education, for determining credit for military courses.
  • Non-Collegiate Education:
    The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs published by the American Council of Education is used in addition to other methods, to determine credit for prior learning.
  • College Equivalency Credits by Examination:
    The University awards credit for satisfactory completion of CLEP and other comparable examinations.

Please Note: The University in keeping with practices throughout higher education, may grant waivers of certain requirements under special circumstances.

The Accelerated Validation Programme:
Fast Track Degree Programmes for qualified applicants. AVP

Wittfield University does not retain full-time or adjunct faculty. Programme Advisors are arranged for in conjunction with other institutions, professional organisations and not-for-profit groups. The University makes every effort to discover and introduce qualified mentors based on students' needs and objectives as well as the requirements of the University.

Wittfield University does not maintain a library but has arranged with major online companies to supply textbooks and materials via the Internet.

For online library resources, click here.

Please note:
This web-site provides general information only. Its contents is being frequently updated, and subject to change without notice. For further information about our programmes please contact us


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