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Qualified Candidates may earn their degree through Wittfield's Fast Track Programmes based on assessment of academic, life and professional experience.


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The University developed its external degree programmes to provide academic credit for the student's professional experience and specialised training, based on the guidelines of the American Council of Education, the Council of Adult Experiential Learning and the United States INS equivalency of degree requirements.

WUI also offers residential course programmes as well as independent study and distance learning opportunities, such as correspondence courses, through our affiliated international study centers.

Degree Verification/Official Transcripts
The University stands ready to provide degree verification and official transcripts following written request by employers and others specifically authorized by the graduate. After completion of the program, our graduates are provided with an official transcript. Original student transcripts will be filed in the graduates' permanent records at the University.

Grades and evaluations are based on demonstrated academic and professional knowledge as well as research mastery.

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This web-site provides general information only. Its contents is being frequently updated, and subject to change without notice. For further information about our programs please contact us.

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