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Today's Competition is Fierce

How Much Are You Worth In Today's Job Market? Would an University Degree help your professional future? If you have college credits and/ or an extensive work history but no degree, our programmes are designed for you!

In 1834 the University of London was the first school of higher learning to offer degrees without classroom attendance requirements. Today this concept is called Nontraditional Education.

Welcome to Wittfield!

Wittfield University International, an assessment university of international scope, is offering prestigious external degree programmes to candidates around the world. Wittfield University was established by a group of scholars and business professionals to serve an international student body. Today Wittfield University International is affiliated with several licensed schools and study centers around the world.

In today's society, there are many, highly productive and knowledgeable professionals who have not received a formal university education or have found it necessary to end their college experiences prior to graduation.

Regardless, through the course of their own personal and professional life experiences, these adult professionals have gained knowledge and skills equal to, and often greater than the education provided by a formal college education.They have been educated the "real world" way, and have worked each day toward bettering themselves and expanding the range of their professional knowledge to compete and succeed in the workplace.

Eventually, these individuals have become experts in their respective professions. Still, a lack of formal educational credentials can often stunt or even halt the professional and personal development of otherwise talented and qualified persons.

Many working adults who, given the demands of the times we live in, may find it impossible to return to the classroom environment and gain a formal degree. These often highly experienced professionals fail to receive the proper respect and consideration due to them.

Our Goal

It is the goal of Wittfield University Internatioanl to assist qualified persons in earning formal educational recognition equal to their academic and combined occupational learning achievements, as well as demonstrated competence shown in their professional lives.

Preparing Leaders for the 21st Century

Wittfield's degrees are designed for those seeking professional recognition who feel they qualify to apply for their degree programme through a combination of academic, professional and life learning experience.

Statement of Nondiscrimination

Wittfield University does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, age, national origin, physical handicap or sexual orientation in any of its activities or policies. Please note: This web-site provides general information only. Its contents is being frequently updated, and subject to change without notice. For further information about our programmes please contact us.

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