Internet University Accreditation Association

The Internet University Accreditation Association (IUAA) is an international association dedicated to the evaluation and accrediation of worldwide internet universities. We are the forum for developing the principles and practices for the conduct of conformity assessment that will deliver the confidence needed for universal acceptance of an institution. We promote the worldwide acceptance of these internet universities by an offering an Accreditation Body Member a way to seek to add value for all students through what we do, and through our programs.
We work to deliver the best possible standard of conformity assessment in order to provide students with the best possible universites. A university accredited by the IUAA is of the highest caliber beacuse we ensure it follows our rules and regulations. Our rules and regulations are recognized by governments worldwide as the gold standard for education. Degrees from schools accredited by the IUAA are as good as degrees from traditional schools not based on the internet.

Currently we have accredited 56 internet universities world wide. Those such as Alcott University, Western Ohio University and University of the Islands are well established and are known worldwide for offering excellence in distance learning. Our other accredited colleges and universities may offer fewer courses than the more well known ones but what they do offer is of the high quality we demand.

We are always open to evaluating more schools, colleges and universities. If you would like to know if your school, college or university would qualify for accreditation and the costs involved, we would be happy to answer such questions.