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WOU Doctrine:
WOU  is a private, non-traditional, off- campus institution that operates worldwide.  Our philosophy is simple: Students do their best when they learn on their own, at their own pace, in their homes where they are most comfortable.  We also feel life experience should be rewarded.  In society today so many people are denied advancement simply because they have no degree, even if they have more experience than those with a degree.  At WOU we offer a solution.  We offer degrees from high school diploma through masters degree.  All of which can be obtained through life experience only, life experience plus course work or course work only. 

Our methods are equally simple.  Prospective students apply for the degree and major they are seeking.  Accepted students pay a simple standard fee tuition.  The standard fee tuition is a concept pioneered by WOU.  You pay a flat fee for the level of degree you seek and we give you an appropriate time period in which to complete the degree's requirements.  The requirements are simple and every student has access to an advisor who can help them complete their degree on time.  Those students possessing life experience in their field may qualify to have some or all requirements waived.  If you would like to know if you qualify, email the admissions office.

Students can pay their tuition in many waysThe University accepts Visa, Master Card, Paypal and money orders for payment of tuition and fees.   

Have more questions?  Check out all the pages on our site to learn all about Western Ohio University's innovative approach to education.  Feel free to send us an email as well. 

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