Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does tuition cover ?
  2. Once my tuition is paid, am I guaranteed a degree ?
  3. Is there financial aid or a payment plan ?
  4. How do I pay tuition ?
  5. How does someone verify my degree ?
  6. Are you accredited ?

What does tuition cover ?

The University will provide each student with the major completion sheet that tells them how to complete their major. Tuition covers the cost of tests, grading, diploma printing and 1 final transcript. Additional transcripts can be requested at anytime, for a fee of $25. Books are not included in the tuition cost and may be purchased by the student at any bookstore or checked out from a local library. Access to the internet is required to download tests. Internet access is not included with tuition and must be obtained by the student.

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Once my tuition is paid, am I guaranteed a degree ?

Paying tuition, like at any university, does not guarantee graduation. You must pass all the tests for your degree and major then submit a graduation request for before you can get your degree.

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Is there financial aid or a payment plan ?

We do havea simplepayment plan:

Half & Half: With this plan half of your tuitionis due at the time of enrollment. The other half is due60 days later or after the first test is completed, whichever comes first. If you have qualified life experience and are taking no tests you can wait the60 days to pay the rest ofyour tuition but you will not receive a degree till all financial obligations are met.

If you choose the payment plan you will only receive the major completion sheet up to your first test. Once the second payment is made you will receive the rest of the sheet. Payments must be made on time. Late payments are assessed a $65 late fee. Once your payment is 30 days overdue, you forfeit all tuition paid and you are dropped from enrollment.

Financial aid, in the form ofloans, can be obtained from any bank but the University itself does not provide financial aid.

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How do I pay tuition ?

Once accepted you can pay tuition by credit card (Visa or Master Card), Paypal or money order.When you have been accepted you will be emailed a tuition payment form. All you need to do isfill it out and fax, emailor mail it to the University. (Money orders must be mailed with the form.) Sorry, no personal cheques.

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How does someone verify my degree ?

You fill out a Degree Verification form and the requesting party receives the verification. Federal law prohibits verification of educational documents by phone or email. Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 and subsequent amendments dictate that your educational records cannot be released without your written consent. The law itself prohibits verification of your educational records by phone, email or online. Don't be conned into believing such verification is legal. Employers know the law!!! Verification of your educational documents can be done only by mail. NO EXCEPTIONS! You can email the university for a Degree Verification form at anytime after your degree is awarded.

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Are you accredited ?

Western Ohio University is accredited by the North American College & University Accreditation Agency ( the Internet University Accreditation Association ( Our status is as a distance learning university only. We are given the right to award degrees only in the areas we have listed in the majors section.

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