Future strategy for the University of Bristol

Image of an upward shot of Wills Tower

This year we are devising a new plan that will guide the way the University develops in the years ahead.

Such a plan should begin with a statement of the University's overall strategy. The statement that follows is the result of much thought, consultation and debate, and I am grateful to all the staff, students and other stakeholders who contributed to its production.

Some members of the University may have reservations about some aspects of the strategy that is probably inevitable but I believe it fairly represents the opinions of the majority.

The purpose of the strategy is to ensure the continuing upward trajectory of the University so that it firmly consolidates its position as an acknowledged international leader and a source of pride for staff, students and the city. It follows that this statement must be actively employed as the template upon which the strategic plans in every part of the University are developed.

Professor Eric Thomas


January 2002

By 2006 the University of Bristol will be defined by the following characteristics: