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The samples below are only intended to give you an idea of what is in your graduation packet, actual documents may differ in appearance.Please scroll down to view the samples and to read what is included in your graduation packet.
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Printed on standard university diploma stock.

Degree Sample


Printed on standard university type copy-alert security paper.

Transcript Front  Transcript Back


Each institution that we provide services for can be found on the world wide web, to view their web sites click on the "Schools" link above.

Letter of Recommendation
Your graduation packet will include a Letter of Recommendation from the institution that issues you your degree

Registration with NAAR
NAAR is the National Academic Archive Registrar located in Washington DC. Registration with this agency will provide you with an alternative means of verifying your credentials. If you have questions about the NAAR please direct them to the NAAR, you can visit their web site by clicking here.

Credential Verification
Your will be able to use the NAAR mentioned above for verification or you may verify your credentials directly from the issuing institution.



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