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Apply for our four-week degree program! No residency required. We fully evaluate your life experience and turn it into credits for the institutions that we represent. Within 30 days you can be a graduate with an Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degree. We also offer a 2 week express service at an additional fee.

A wide varietyof degree disciplines are available due to the number of institutions we contract forassessment services. A list of degree disciplines can be viewed in the drop down menu. We make every attempt at keeping our information current, but If a discipline you're interested in is not listed there is a possibility that it may be available, please inquire to info@professionaldegrees.com

We only deal with legally operating Institutions that meet similar guidelines as setout by the International Standards Organization (ISO). You can be assured that none of the Institutions we represent advertise this service anywhere else. The names of the institutions that we work with that will grant a degree based on life experience are listed on the Institutions page.

There is no up front cost for your assessment. However, once it is determined that you meet the qualifications for a degree, and you decide that you will process your application into that degree, then you must pay the assessment fee in order to be recorded within the institutions registration and student records. The institutional registration fees will be paid by us, this cost is included in your assessment fee and it is done in this manner because the institutions are required by law to process assessments by outside services. Once your assessment fees are paid you will receive your graduation packet by mail within 30 days. Your graduation packet includes your diploma, your transcripts, college web address, and the verification number. All degrees are fully verifiable at no additional charge. Verification is through the institution you receive your diploma from, or through the NAAR National Academic Archive Registrar in Washington DC, with no mention of a life experience degree.

You can view a sample diploma, sample transcripts, and a sample letter of recommendation by clicking on the Samples link above. You can also visit the actual college web sites from the Institutions page.

The Assessment fee listed below is the final cost less shipping charges, with no additional or hidden charges.

(Once you are approved processing instructions will be sent for you)
$325.00 $425.00 $525.00 $625.00
Associate in Science
Associate in Business Administration
Associate in Arts
Associate in Fine Arts
Associate in Theology
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Theology
Master of Science
Master of Arts
Master of Fine Arts
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Divinity
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Business Administration
Doctor of Divinity




Associate & Bachelor
Bachelor & Master
Master & Doctorate

Bachelor & Master & Doctorate

Optional Items Include

Two week express delivery (Must be placed with original order) $ 100.00
Padded Diploma Cover (Order Anytime) $ 30.00
Student / Alumni ID card (Must Submit Photo) $ 25.00
Wallet size diploma (Must be ordered with original order or with replacement) $ 30.00
1 Extra Full size diploma or replacement diploma (Order anytime) $ 75.00
2 Extra transcripts or replacement transcripts (Order Anytime) $ 50.00
1 Extra Diploma & 2 Extra Transcripts (Order Anytime) $ 100.00

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