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Where are the schools located? The institutions are located online. They are owned by educational firms from several countries outside the United States. Our current negotiations include institutions located in The Commonwealth of Dominica, Belize, Cyprus, Panama, and the British Virgin Islands. Any institution with interest of our portfolio assessment services should contact the Degree Advisory Group at admin@degreeadvisory.net for more information

How will my degree be verified? Your Degree is verified by phone, fax, and email. Interested parties may dial a toll free 1-800 number to request verification. If detailed verification is needed you will need to contact the NAAR. The NAAR will fax the information to the requesting party. All institutions will archive academic records with the NAAR, National Academic Archive Registrar in Washington DC  Click here to visit the NAAR website

Who is the National Academic Achieve Registrar in Washington DC.? They are a third party academic records archiving service that can verify your records to employers or to institutions for continuing education.  For more information on NAAR please visit their web site, just click here. NAAR website

Am I able to have my degree apostilled? Apostilles are basically an official or government type of notarization and as such we are not able to provide this service. However, we can provide you with information of where and how to have your degree apostilled.

Are the colleges you represent accredited? Yes, all institutions that we carry contracts with are accredited and most are accredited by more than one accrediting agency. However, none of the institutions that we work with are accredited regionally as are many American universities. The institutions that we work with are not located within US boundaries and therefore do not seek accreditation by US agencies.

Do these universities issue medical degrees? No, they do not offer any medical, dental or psychology degrees where medicines can be prescribed.

Can I choose the Institution I receive my degree from? Yes, in the instance that more than one institution is willing to issue a degree to you based on your life experience. Often if you qualify for any one institution you will also qualify for others. We will notify you of each institution that you qualify for a degree from when we send you the results from your assessment.

Can I choose the classes on my transcript? The institutions use a proprietary process based on your prior experience and education to determine the courses that will be listed on your transcript. All transcripts will list courses necessary to the core and elective requirements of your degree as well as any additional course requirements that have been established by the issuing institution.

Can I combine the courses on my transcripts if I have transcripts from other institutions? Yes, if you have transcripts from other institutions showing educational credits earned the institutions will often combine these courses with your new courses to complete your new transcript. Please understand that not all courses are always accepted and will not be listed if they are declined. There is an additional fee for this service. Please email our parent company with your questions in this area, email admin@degreeadvisory.net

What is your refund policy? If you cancel your order within 24 hours of purchase we will issue a full refund minus a $25.00 processing fee. Once the the institution begins processing your degree we will not be able to issue refunds. Please consider your purchase carefully and ask questions prior to ordering. Please email us at: info@professionaldegrees.com

Will the degree, transcript, or school website mention “life experience”?  At no point will these terms ever be mentioned on your degree, transcript, or in the verification of your degree. View our sample degree, transcripts, and recommendation letter here. 

Can I transfer my college credits earned thru your member institutions to another university?
In all cases credits will transfer when an institution is a member of the same accrediting body and offers courses that are closely related to courses from the transfer institution. Institutions that are not a member of the same accrediting body may require testing or evaluation, or they may deny transfer of credits earned at other institutions. Since each institution has their own acceptance policies and guidelines we suggest that you contact the institution that you are interested in transferring to for their particular requirements.

Can I use my Degree for employment?

Yes, the degrees are legally issued in the institutions country of incorporation. Employers will be able to verify your degree by several means.

Will my degree make me eligible for membership in professional organizations?

To become professionally licensed you generally need to graduate from a recognized and accredited program. Each profession has its own accrediting standards and institutions it recognizes. As licensure is dependant on this recognition you will need to consult members within this community as to where you should earn your degree. Our member schools are legal degree granting institutions but may not make you eligible for professional licensure.

Will my degree allow me to use a professional title or post nominal letters?

Yes, the degrees are legally issued and allow you the use of titles or post nominal letters. These include titles such as Dr. or letters such as MBA or PhD.

If you have additional question please email them to us at; info@professionaldegrees.com


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