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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who is ICW, Inc. and why will that charge show up on my credit card statement?

A. ICW, Inc. is the sole marketing and processing company for Trinity Southern University.

Q. Is your accreditation the same as regular colleges?

A. While Trinity is accredited, "web" colleges do NOT have the same regional accreditation that standard 4 year Universities do.

Q. Will this degree be accepted by everyone?

A. No. A Trinity Southern degree is not appropriate for people in the public education field, government or those who wish to use the degree to attend a traditional graduate program.

Q. How do employers verify I have a degree, other than the diploma?

A. Trinity provides free degree verification by fax with a signed request by our students.

Q. Do you provide a transcript with the degree?

A. Transcripts are an optional service that cost approximately $129. It is optional because most student will not need transcripts.

Q. Will my transcript be based on my prior learning, job, or resume?

A. No. Your transcript will show the required courses for the particular degree you are qualified for including basic electives. Youmay request to have specific courseslisted on your transcript when you order.

Q. Where are you located and what will be on my degree?

A. Trinity Southern is located in Plano, Texas. Your degree will state that is from Plano, Texas.

Q. What is the difference between Trinity Southern and other prior learning colleges that charge $700-$1500?

A. Nothing, the process is exactly the same. We evaluate your previous academic, work and extracurricular activities to determine if you have the same functional knowledge as someone with a traditional degree. Some others also provide student ID's and other information but we perfer to let you keep the extra $500 -$1000.

Q. Is this a scam?

A. Absolutely not. We accept credit cards and in fact we have a "no-questions-ask" guarantee that if your not pleased you can return the degree and receive a refund less shipping and printing of $39 for domestic degrees and $59 for international orders.

Q. Are you associated with any religious organization? Do you claim any association with a 'church'?

A. No. See "about us" for more information.

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