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  • America's Promise The Alliance for Youth - Life Coaches - Life Coaches is a faith-based mentoring initiative committed to turning the tide of father absence in this generation. Its mission is to pair committed and caring men and women of faith with at-risk young people from single-parent homes for the purpose of providing friendship, life skills and spiritual guidance.
  • - Councellors + Life Coaches is a community project of Bi Pride Australia.
  • Christian Coaches Network - Coaching is a time proven communication skill that has caused athletes and artists to be their best. In the last decade, the advent of specialized training schools specific to coaching skills coaching has dramatically moved to impact businesses, personal lives and ministry.
  • Coach Central - We are a coach referral and coaching resource site dedicated to the ethical advancement of the Coaching Profession, the development of human potential and the liberation of the human spirit.
  • Coach U - People come to Coach U as a natural next step in their personal journey. Some choose to become masterful Coaches while others choose to simply integrate core coaching skills into their personal and professional lives. For many, supporting others in building terrific lives is the most fulfilling work they have ever done.
  • Cosmic Coaching Centre - Cosmic Coaching Centre will help bring focus to any number of areas in your life. Learn how to build on your inner resonance, no matter how faint it may seem to be today.
  • Firework Coaching for Change - Firework's career coaching programme was created by two experienced life and career coaches, Kate Edmonds and Marianne Craig, as an effective and exciting way to help people discover a career which they love.
  • Google Web Directory - Google Professional Coaching Resources Directory.
  • Institute for Life Coach Training - The Institute for Life Coach Training, (formerly Therapist University), is the first-of-its-kind training institute that specializes in training psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors and helping professionals in building a successful coaching practice.
  • International Coach Federation - The International Coach Federation is the professional association of personal and business coaches that seeks to preserve the integrity of coaching around the globe. ICF helps people find the coach most suitable for their needs.
  • Jewish Community Federation - Life Coaches - Six years of experience. Action-oriented coaching to help clarify values, achieve goals, create balance, find fulfillment, explore change and break through self-imposed glass ceilings.
  • Life Coaches - The mission of Life Coaches is to end the cycle of father absence. We meet this challenge by working with children who come from fatherless homes and mentoring them in the life skills, character qualities and spiritual values critical to healthy development and responsible citizenship.
  • Life Coaches Consortium - We work with life's issues - issues which the individual identifies as a source of struggle at this present moment. Solutions are then developed, and strategies are implemented with focused energy and enthusiasm.
  • LifeSkills Coaching - I work with people wanting an entry to the profession of life coaching, and with practising coaches wanting a 'business accelerator' from a senior coach.
  • Master Facilitator Journal - We are a team of humble radicals seeding the empowerment of disenfranchised working adults, educators, corporate managers, and would-be activists.
  • Paradigm Associates - A Life Coach can not only help you work through the difficult places in your life, he or she can help you maximize your potential in every area.
  • Peer Resources - Peer Resources has been in operation as a non-profit educational corporation since 1975 and has an unequaled record of experienced and published experts in peer, mentor, and coach systems in Canada.
  • Quintessential Careers - Our Directory of Life and Career Coaches will help you find the right person to assist you in meeting your goals.
  • Results Coaching Systems - Coaching is part of the personal development and training industry which is now earning over $100+ billion a year worldwide. Life Coaching as a stand-alone profession has come into its own in the last few years. The Sydney Morning Herald in February 1999 said that personal coaching in the US was the 2nd fastest growth industry, after IT.
  • Soulwork Systemic Coaching - Award-winning systemic solutions for coaches, trainers and consultants. Here is a complete coaching system that offers you an overall changework philosophy integrating success coaching, health coaching and brief psychotherapy with systemic diagnosis, relationship management and strategic planning.
  • The Coach Connection - TCC clients WIN because they have an easy to use, very effective, very efficient, and low cost method to reap the wonders of coaching. Furthermore, TCC clients will also maximize the quality of their achievements through coaching, because they used TCC to engage their ideal coach.
  • The Gremlin Taming Institute - The Professional Coach movement is certainly one of the most exciting developments in the human potential field and Gremlin Taming� has become central to the success and effectiveness of many Coaches.
  • The Life Coaching Academy - Established in early 2001 in Australia, The Coaching Academy responded to the needs for a representative body for coaches, a training resource and a service for people seeking coaches.
  • The Life Coaching Institute - In operation since 1998, the Institute serves the needs of people who want to become life coaches. The Institute�s tutors are full-time coaches, who bring their on-the-job experience to the course. You'll get advice directly from active practitioners - not armchair theorists.

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