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Prior Learning Program
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Prior Learning Program

Suffield College & University is recognized as a premier non-traditional learning institution. It is considered non-traditional because its state of the art online programs enable our students to earn a degree without a campus, classroom, or residency requirement.

Suffield College & University offers a wide range of Associate, Bachelor�s and Master�s degrees in a broad variety of fields.

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At Suffield College & University we realize that some of the most effective learning does not come from a textbook, but from actual experiences and hands on learning. The knowledge obtained from previous occupational training, military service and work experiences are all tot often ignored by some institutions of higher learning. Well, this is not so at Suffield College and University! We realize that they are valuable learning tools that compliment knowledge gained in traditional classroom settings.

Have you been denied a better job or promotion?

Suffield College & University developed our Prior Learning Program to reward those individuals who have the knowledge required for a university degree, but until now, were denied the better job or promotion they deserved.

Suffield�s prior learning program allows those individuals without the time or financial resources for a traditional school to obtain the degrees they have earned through the experiential learning process.