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It is a truth of business that no matter how worthy an idea or proposition might be, it's success will often be determined by how effectively it is marketed, packaged and sold. Receiving, at long last, formal credit for the value of your experience, you now have a chance to dramatically improve your professional situation. Jobs which you might never have even applied to are now well within your reach.

However, the question is - how effectively are you marketing yourself to the outside world? Do you have the resume, the cover letters and the search strategy in place to help you launch yourself into the next level of the professional world? You are going to put out a lot of time and effort to market yourself, and yet if your material is anything less than you at your absolute best you are doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the difficulty of the task. Don't do that.

How effectively are you marketing yourself to the outside world?

Suffield University has brought in one of the nation's most respected resume writers and job search experts to assist you. John Brubaker, owner of Professional Resume Plus is a Yale University graduate, a published author, a consultant to Fortune 500 corporations, and the author of more than 5,000 resumes. He is a true guru in the world of career marketing.

Professional Resume Plus will provide Suffield University graduates with a free career evaluation and price quotation. The company writes resumes and can advise and assist you in every phase of the job search. Do you need a one page resume or a two page resume? Do you need multiple targeted resumes? What are the best marketing methods to distinguish yourself in this competitive job market? Professional Resume Plus will answer all of these questions.

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