Monday, July 14, 2003

Stanton University
is a Worldwide Service Organization which confers degrees based upon the Graduate’s own Personal, Self-Assessment Portfolio. Such degrees are foundationally awarded through the translation to academic credit of previous life, work, military and academic experience.

Life experience awards are not only recognized as legitimate conferences but are also legal, providing the institution granting the award does not misrepresent its standing.

Degrees based upon Life and Work Experience are Recognized!!!! Stanton University will advise you of an appropriate degree in accordance with your request based against your Self-Assessment Portfolio, at your request. We as an independent issuing body, have found it beneficial to provide degrees to those who through their experience, have earned the recognition they deserve. Life experience degree awards represent a Contemporary Alternative to achieve Professional Recognition.

Our GLOBAL CAMPUS is directed specifically to those who KNOW they already qualify for the degree level they seek. Knowledge likely obtained through life's experiences or from a combination of informal and formal education. Stanton University stands behind it’s Nontraditional Educational Services.

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