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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I earn credit towards my Stanton University Degree?
Answer : Stanton University Graduates have already earned the credit necessary for their degree credentials, either occupationally, professionally, or academically. RECEIVING A STANTON UNIVERSITY DEGREE, through a Self-Directed Portfolio Assessment, is viewed as rewarding the individual through self-evaluation and appraisal.

Question: Is the Stanton University Degree legal?
Answer : YES. Stanton University is a private Educational Resource Provider, conferring an award based on Personal Achievement and Evaluation. To be issued an Award is Legal, to be issued a Degree is Legal, if licensed under local, state or federal law in a Country which recognizes such authority. Additionally, these degrees are not just issued by the United States or Canada. The British Parliament 1988 Education Act states that, "The awards made by overseas establishments should be recognized, and the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for the individual employer and professional bodies". Possessing a degree implies that you have mastered your subject and have received acknowledgement for your effort. Awarding your degree is based on your own personal assessment of skills and application thereof. This degree is legal, because it does not claim to be from an accredited United States learning institution or a British University. Stanton University issues Legal but Non-Accredited degrees.

Question: Can prior achievement, professional work experience, life experience, continuing education coursework, academic achievement, membership in professional associations, seminars attended/conducted, and other training, such as military, career and volunteer experience be transitioned towards academic credit and degree completion by Stanton University.
Answer : Absolutely. Stanton University Self-Directed Portfolio Assessment is exclusively for mature, professional, career oriented adults who are significantly entrenched in their life work, and who deserve recognition of their previous accomplishments.

Question: Where is Stanton University licensed and/or incorporated?
Answer: Stanton University has it’s business registration in Belize. Stanton University is not a United States of America Licensed, Organized or Recognized Entity.

Question: What types of degrees are offered through Stanton University?
Answer: Stanton University offers Traditional, Business, Military Related and Religious Degrees and Doctorate/Professorship Titles. Stanton University respects the higher study of the law and medicine and therefore does not issue Medical or Law related degrees of any kind to any prospective graduate in any country –whatsoever.

Question: I would like to obtain a Bachelors, Masters, PhD and Doctorate, will they be dated differently?
Answer : Yes. The graduate provides the dates of conference for each degree sought based upon their own Self-Directed Portfolio Assessment. Graduates can be recognized for their performance achievements in finance, business, computer science, education, counseling psychology, industrial psychology, as well as high positions in alternative health sciences/practices and religious affiliations around the world.

Question: When can I get my degree?
Answer: At any time. The degree process starts immediately after the order is placed, and fees are paid.

Question: What is the Self-Directed Portfolio Assessment?
Answer : First, it is recognition for prior experience and knowledge NOT the actual study of any field of academia: The purpose of Stanton University is to allow an individual to possess an academic degree on a much more flexible basis than traditional colleges and universities. Second, it is independent SELF- assessment. The individual grades the responsibility for the individual's academic, occupational, or professional expertise. It is shared between the individual and Stanton University to develop the portfolio profile that can be obtained by authorized requestors. The degree is earned by demonstrating what is known, not how long a student has spent in classroom lectures or completing projects. Stanton University confers degrees based upon the individuals’ Self-Directed Portfolio Assessment.

Question: Accreditation: What is accreditation?
Answer: When the term "Accredited" is used in relation to a learning institution in the United States it implies that the US Department of Education, and the Department of Education of one of the States verifies that instruments you have may be accepted for entrance into a Learning Institution for continued study, and would comply with licensing requirements that many State and private employment opportunities require. This process, however, does not have anything to do with the degree granting authority of Stanton University. Licenses and credentials vary from state-to-state and from country-to-country. If State or International licensing is the ultimate goal of the purchaser, an external degree award is not sufficient. There are many non-accredited facilities in the United States. Presenting an authentic (even an authentic non-accredited degree) on an application presents the opportunity of being granted at least a second interview. Most establishments then present a Test for you to complete. Employers know that experience may not be part of the educational curriculums and graduation frequently is not enough to fulfill job requirements. Results of that test show what you know, and tells them immediately if your services are what they are looking for. Without a Degree, usually a second interview is not offered.

Question: Do I need an accredited degree?
ANSWER: NO. (Only if your intent is to use it to enter a formal State sponsored learning institution, and receive academic credit for Life Experience, job performance AND state licensing.

Question: Is Stanton University Accredited?
Answer : Stanton University is proud to state that it has become accredited by HESA (Higher Education Services Association). HESA is an international accrediting body focusing its accreditation efforts on truly international, distance-based, and prior learning assessment institutions which grant credentials based upon the graduate’s previous career, military, life and educational experience. Stanton University is proud to display its HESA accreditation certificate.

Question: Is the Degree or Diploma able to be verified?
Answer : The Degree package contains a letter of certification that the award has been granted, and contains a Toll Free telephone number (for Domestic and Foreign inquiries) for verification.

Question: How long will it take to get my degree?
Usually Completed within a 10-15 working day turnaround Worldwide. Shipments are made daily via UPS 2 Day delivery. If bank transactions take longer to process, we cannot proceed until all transactions are completed. We also offer URGENT Service which places your application at the top of our priority list for an additional fee.

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