Monday, July 14, 2003

A sample listing of some of the degrees which have been awarded to Stanton University Graduates:

BA Bachelor of arts
BAA Bachelor of applied arts
BAcc Bachelor of accounting
BAdmin Bachelor of administration
BAM Bachelor of applied management
BArtsSc Bachelor of arts and science
BAS Bachelor of administrative studies
BASc Bachelor of applied science
BAT Bachelor of applied technology
BBA Bachelor of business administration
BBTH Bachelor of business in tourism and hospitality
BCB Bachelor of computing and business
BCEd Bachelor of Christian education
BCIS Bachelor of computer information systems
BComm Bachelor of commerce
BComp Bachelor of computing
BCompSc Bachelor of computer science
BCosc Bachelor of computer science
BCS Bachelor of computer science
BCS Bachelor of communication studies
BCSc Bachelor of computer science
BDes Bachelor of design
BDesign Bachelor of design
BDI Bachelor of Industrial Design
BE Bachelor of science in engineering
BEd Bachelor of education
BEd(Voc) Bachelor of vocational education
BEDS Bachelor of environmental design studies
BEng Bachelor of engineering
BEngMgt Bachelor of engineering and management
BES Bachelor of environmental studies
BESc Bachelor of engineering science
BESS Bachelor of exercise and sport science
BFA Bachelor of fine arts
BFS Bachelor of food science
BGS Bachelor of general studies
BHA Bachelor of health administration
BHRD Bachelor of human resources development
BHRM Bachelor of hotel and resort management
BHS Bachelor of health science
BHSc Bachelor of health sciences
BHSc(OT) Bachelor of health sciences in occupational therapy
BHSc(PT) Bachelor of health sciences in physiotherapy
BHum Bachelor of humanities
BIB Bachelor of international business
BID Bachelor of industrial design
BIS Bachelor of independent studies
BIS Bachelor of information systems
BJ Bachelor of journalism
BJourn Bachelor of journalism
BM Bachelor of music
BMA Bachelor of musical arts
BMath Bachelor of mathematics
BMedSc Bachelor of medical science
BMgt Bachelor of management
BMS Bachelor of maritime studies
BMT Bachelor of music therapy
BMus Bachelor of music
BMusA Bachelor of musical arts
BMusEd Bachelor of music education
BMusTh Bachelor of music therapy
BN Bachelor of nursing
BNRS Bachelor of natural resource science
BNSc Bachelor of nursing science
BOM Bachelor of office management
BOR Bachelor of outdoor recreation
BPA Bachelor of public administration
BPA Bachelor of professional arts
BPAPM Bachelor of public affairs and policy management
BPE Bachelor of physical education
BPh Bachelor of philosophy
BPHE Bachelor of physical and health education
BPhEd Bachelor of physical education
BPR Bachelor of public relations
BRec Bachelor of recreation
BRLS Bachelor of recreation and leisure studies
BRM Bachelor of recreation management
BRS Bachelor of recreation studies
BSA Bachelor of science in agriculture
BSc Bachelor of science
BSc(Agr) Bachelor of science in agriculture
BSc(Eng) Bachelor of science in engineering
BSc(Env) Bachelor of science in environmental sciences
BSc(FSc) Bachelor of science in food science
BSc(N) Bachelor of science in nursing
BSc(Nutr) Bachelor of science in nutrition
BSc(NutrSc) Bachelor of science in nutritional science
BSc(OT) Bachelor of science in occupational therapy
BSc(Tech) Bachelor of science (technology)
BScCS Bachelor of science (community studies)
BScE Bachelor of science in engineering
BScF Bachelor of science in forestry
BScFE Bachelor of science in forest engineering
BScHE Bachelor of science in human ecology
BScHN Bachelor of science in human nutrition
BScMH Bachelor of science in mental health
BScOT Bachelor of science in occupational therapy
BSF Bachelor of science in forestry
BSM Bachelor of sports management
BSN Bachelor of science in nutrition
BSocSc Bachelor of social sciences
BSpecEd Bachelor of special education
BSW Bachelor of social work
BT Bachelor of technology
BTACS Bachelor of technology (applied computing science)
BTech Bachelor of technology
BTHM Bachelor of tourism and hospitality management
BTI Bachelor of technology information
BTM Bachelor of technology management
BTM Bachelor of tourism management
BTS Bachelor of tourism studies
BV/TE Bachelor of vocational/technical education
BVocEd Bachelor of vocational education
DM Doctorate of ministry
DMin Doctor of ministry
DMA Doctor of musical arts
DSW Doctor of social work
DTh Doctor of theology
EdD Doctor of education
EMBA Executive master of business administration
IMBA International master of business administration
JSD Doctor in the science of law
LCL Licentiate in canon law
LLB Bachelor of laws
LLL Licentiate of laws
LLM Master of laws/
LMus Licentiate in music
LPh Licentiate in philosophy
LTh Licentiate in theology
MA Master of arts
MA(CL) Master of arts in canon law
MA(PastSt) Master of arts in pastoral studies
MA(Th) Master of arts in theology
MAC Master of art conservation
MAcc Master of accounting
MAdEd Master of adult education
MAdmin Master of administration
MAEd Master of arts in education
MAg Master of agriculture
MAgr Master of agriculture
MAHE Master of arts in human ecology
MAHN Master of applied human nutrition
MAL Master of arts, liberal studies
MAS Master of archival studies
MAS Master of applied statistics
MASA Master of advanced studies in architecture
MASc Master of applied science
MASLA Master of advanced studies in landscape architecture
MASP Master of arts in school psychology
MAT Master of arts in teaching
MAT Master of theology
MBA Master of business administration
MBT Master of biomedical technology
MC Master of counselling
MCA Master of criminology
MCE Master of continuing education
MCEd Master of continuing education
MCHSc Master of clinical health sciences
MClSc Master of clinical science
MCompSc Master of computer science
MCP Master of city planning
MCS Master of computer science
MCS Master of communication studies
MCSc Master of computer science
MDE Master of development economics
MDE Master of distance education
MDes Master of design
MDiv Master of divinity
MEc Master of economics
MEd Master of education/
MEDes Master of environmental design
MEDS Master of environmental design studies
MEng Master of engineering
MES Master of environmental studies
MESc Master of engineering science
MF Master of forestry
MFA Master of fine arts
MFE Master of forest engineering
MGIS Master of geographic information systems
MHA Master of health administration
MHE Master of human ecology
MHK Master of human kinetics
MHRD Master in human resources development
MHRM Master in human resources management
MHS Master of health studies
MHSA Master of health services administration
MHSc Master of health sciences
MID Master of interior design
MIR Master of industrial relations
MISt Master of information studies
MJ Master of journalism
MKin Master of kinesiology
MLA Master of landscape architecture
MLE Master of linguistics and exegesis
MLIS Master of library and information studies
MM Master of manufacturing management
MMath Master of mathematics
MMM Master of marine management
MMPA Master of management and professional accounting
MMS Master of management studies
MMSt Master of museum studies
MMT Master of music therapy
MMus Master of music
MNRM Master of natural resources management
MPA Master of public administration
MPACC Master of professional accounting
MPE Master of physical education
MPH Master of public health
MPhil Master of philosophy
MPL Master of planning
MPS Master of pastoral studies
MPub Master of publishing
MRD Master of rural development
MRE Master of religious education
MRM Master of resources management
MScPl Master of science in planning
MScE Master of science in engineering
MScF Master of science in forestry
MScFE Master of science in forest engineering
SLP Master of speech languages pathology
MSL Master of studies in law
MSS Master of software systems
MSS Master of strategic studies
MSW Master of social work
MSysSc Master of science in systems science
MTh Master of theology
MTM Master in the teaching of mathematics
MTS Master of theological studies
MUP Master urban planning
MURP Master of urban and rural planning
MusBac Bachelor of music
MusBacPerf Bachelor of music (performance)
MusDoc Doctor of music
MusM Master of music
MVD Master of visual design
MVetSc Master of veterinary science
MWS Master of women's studies
NAFL Diploma in native as a first language
NASL Diploma in native as a second language
PhD Doctor of philosophy
ThD(Th) Doctor of philosophy in theology
PhilM Master of philosophy
ThD Doctor of theology
ThM Master of theology

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