Higher Education Services Association


HESA’s Objectives

• To validate and recognize educational institutions that offer prior learning assessment and distance learning credentials

• To encourage and support the development of prior learning assessment and distance learning institutions to prospective graduates and the international educational community,

• To qualify, monitor and set standards for the improvement of the prior learning assessment and distance learning programs managed by HESA accredited members,

• To evaluate, monitor and accredit the individual distance learning programs offered by HESA organizational members.

HESA Membership

HESA is a voluntary membership based organization, and is non-profit. Member institutions are not required to pay any ongoing membership fees, other dues or application funding. Member institutions agree to be bound by the quality standards of operations as set by the governing board in order to maintain their accredited status.
Because HESA is not governed by any governmental body, it is not subject to any particular government accreditation standards. The HESA governing board is made up of representatives of each institutional member. Institutions seeking membership in HESA must receive institutional sponsorship by an existing member institution to be considered. Applications and sponsorship details should be sent to: admin@hesu-edu.org

HESA Member Organizations

Abacus Academy

Berean Community College

Ellington University

Garfield Technical College

Global Church University

Global Church Theological Seminary

Kincaid Academy of the Arts

International Career Academy

Lexington University

Stanton University

Vanguard International High School


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