Prospective Students

  • Undergraduate

Shepperton University offers numerous degrees at the undergraduate level for the motivated student to pursue, in over 100 major areas of study.

Completion of an Associates degree requires a minimum of 60 credits, and completion of a baccalaureate degree requires a minimum of 120 credits. Our requirements can be met through a variety of methods- including independent study and credit transfer from other recognized universities as well as demonstrable workplace experience.

Upon acceptance and registration with the University each student chooses a degree that they anticipate pursuing and familiarizes themselves with the requirements of their specific degree. They are then encouraged to work together with one of our knowledgeable student counselors to build a learning schedule that will best fit with their unique and individual goals.

  • Graduate

Shepperton University's graduate studies are accomplished only with the commitment of one's time and effort, as a Masters degree is a serious and important step forward in furthering ones educational goals. As with our undergraduate program, student mentors are available to answer questions, offer guidance and assist the student in arranging their learning schedule. Shepperton University offers numerous masters programmes, all consistently useful in the ever changing workplace of today.

Among them are:

*Masters of Business Administration

*Masters in Computer Engineering

*Masters of Science in Psychology

*Masters of Science in Accounting


Shepperton University offers a select programme for the Doctorate level student who is motivated to attain the highest level of specialization in a discipline. The programme is a demanding one, and requires a great deal of effort from the student in order to complete the final stage of their formal education. Yet Shepperton always understands the need for flexibility, as a student completing their PhD is likely to be very busy with other aspects of life as well, such as career requirements and family obligations. Therefore the programme we offer is a flexible one, and as always, students work closely with a mentor, with whom they hopefully will cultivate a relationship. Our Doctoral graduates are among the many successful professionals, engineers and business movers and shakers of the world today.

  • International students

Shepperton University has thousands of students from all over the world, including Britain, China, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. We are proud of the diversity of our student body, and value the comradeship that exists among our students and professors from such unique and varied backgrounds. Most student services are only available once the student is accepted and registered. However, international students are allowed access to our two advisory programmes (SSAS and CCS) upon acceptance yet before enrollment, as many students may need the guidance available to make the decision to join as an international student.

SSAS The Student Services Advice and Support Group offers assistance to all students of the University on practical issues that may affect them, from the registration process up until graduation. The service provided is completely confidential and impartial, and takes into consideration the differing needs that students from diverse backgrounds may require. The Group is staffed by three full time advisors, and includes a full-time International Students' Advisor who is available to give advice and direction throughout the planning and development stages of your educational career.

CCS The Career Counseling Service specifically focuses on the career options a student will or may currently have when pursuing the degree of his or her choice. It is a valuable service that helps students project where their degree can eventually bring them, taking into consideration the country in which the student plans on practicing. You are always welcome to use the information resources or to make an appointment to discuss career intentions with an advisor.

An important note to our international students regarding the language at Shepperton University: All instruction is given in English, and all course requirements are expected to be completed in English. We want you to be successful in your studies so international students whose first language is not English are asked to achieve a satisfactory standard of English.