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How does the verification process work?

Employers, and others, often want to verify your degree with the University.† To assist you with that SRU has established a verification process.

Anyone seeking verification of your degree may contact St Regis Educational Services or Official Transcript Archive Service.† Requests for records may be made by email, web form request, fax, phone or postal mail.

The recent explosive growth of Internet job boards, representing millions of resumes has created data overload for recruiters and employers.A posting on one of the large online job boards can generate more than 20,000 applicants, many of whom are presenting false credentials. Employers must choose between spending valuable time to call multiple institutions or simply foregoing the verification.

OTAC provides a one-stop-shop via Internet, telephone and fax to eligible requesters that is fast, reliable and cost efficient. Through OTAC, employers can secure verification almost instantly that is 100% consistent with the institutionís records. Employers pay a nominal fee for the convenience of one-stop, high-speed verification.

Although there are other companies that accumulate records from institutions, OTAC is the only centralized international verification service.

†By providing OTAC access to your records you are enhancing the speed by which verification can occur for your alumni/student, intended to enhance employment candidacy.

  • Read what a St Regis University transfer student said:

    "You have excellent verification services that are linked to big company human resource departments.† Plus, you provide records to those who request it.† The reason why I'm interested in transferring my records to your school is because I would like to occasionally obtain copies of my degree and transcripts; would like employers to be able to verify my records via third party degree verification services.†† DR. K

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