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Authorized Study/Exam Center Program


Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Associates


How do I start a SRU Study/Exam Center?

The Associate is required to comply with the requirements of SRU, submit the application form with Associate Payment, sign the agreement and send to SRU.


How do Associates get paid?

Associates collect the fees prescribed by SRU (If your program costs are more, you may get special permission from SRU). Associates must send the Admission + Registration + Graduation fees at the time of each enrollment. Associates may enroll the students all over the year. 


Who is responsible for getting the diploma and documents to my students or clients?

SRU will send all degree documents to the student upon receipt of PRE-APPROVED credit transfer from you. Associates are responsible for the collection and payment of  fees to SRU. The  fee due to SRU must be paid prior to any admission.


Can I please see an example?



Dr. John owns a private computer school named John's Computer School. He decides to become an Associate. He applies for the Study Center (Online) with Exam Center Association and pays the appropriate fee. Dr. John qualifies and is  sent his Associate Certificate documents.


Bob Smith, wants to  earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science so he enrolls at John's Computer School.


Dr. John collects all appropriate fees from Bob Smith and sends payment (Registration + Admission fees of $895 (For Bachelor degree) + $200 as graduation fee) at the time of admission.


Bob Smith also pays John's Computer School tuition of $900 (Tutor based) per semester. (John's Computer School tuition may adjust their tuition with pre-approval of SRU - All tuition charged must be a good value for the student).


Once Bob Smith meets John's Computer School's requirements for this degree, Dr. John sends his transcript to SRU.


SRU Awards Bob Smith his fully earned degree .


John's Computer School may include an evaluation of  the student's prior learning and experience and award credits based on the assessment results. subject to a consultation with the appointed SRU Professor.


The Associate must provide their students with a transcript of credits earned. The SRU can supply you with a sample transcript, or you may use your own, but because the student is completing the Associate's  program, the Associate must provide the the names of courses completed and number of credits earned.


What school name will appear on the student's degree?

The degrees will be awarded by Saint Regis University.


I want to conduct an evaluation process instead of offering courses. Is this acceptable?

Yes. We welcome professional education consultants. But you must have your own evaluation or assessment service( With Prior approval of SRU). You must recruit your own clients, and have a process to collect their data, evaluate it and provide the client with their results. Associate's must also be able to prepare a transcript showing credits with equivalency to a standard degree. Associate's may NOT use copies of the SRU websites or portions of the SRU websites as a "resell" of services.

Study/Exam Centers must provide a valuable service in the preparation of a portfolio assessment showing credits for PRE-APPROVAL for acceptance by the university toward a degree.


Does Saint Regis University offer the an exclusive Study/Exam Center agreement?

SRU may grant an exclusive appointment of the Study/Exam Center  in  a specific geographic area, and/or in a specific area of expertise. For detailed requirements click here.


Who takes care of student/client questions and concerns?

Student/clients may email SRU with any question concerning degree documents. For all other concerns, they must contact the Authorized Study/Exam Center. The Study/Exam Center is also responsible for counseling and assisting students in completing degree Program, such as assistance with writing the dissertation, passing tests, completing courses or training, providing supplementary teaching as needed.


Who determines when the student may graduate?

In order for any student to be eligible for a degree, he/she must have earned enough PRE-APPROVED credit to complete the requirements of a typical degree program.  You may consult with the concerned professor or advsior.





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