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"Please feel free to use my letter in your website.  I have recently secured a new position as a Dental Program and Clinical Director, in addition to teaching at UMM.  The degree program was the best investment I could have ever made, because it has assured my family's financial security."  
R. M.


"St. Regis University is changing the way the world learns, through innovative educational opportunities...St. Regis is on the cutting edge by recognizing those who have done it and awarding commensurate academic credit. No wonder there is so much resistance from the traditional educational community! It is important that you be made aware of the opportunities that result from this new academic credential. I feel a new resurgence of confidence and self respect...Those that know of this achievement have changed their opinion of me from eccentric, opinionated and outspoken regarding the state of musical society to one of respect, justified and qualified." Dennis C.



"I greatly appreciate the help that each individual has given me in the process of evaluating my academic achievement and recognition of my occupational experiences. I truly, count this a Blessing far beyond measure. Thank all of you for your skilled expertise, prompt assistance, and quality services.  Thank You!" H. P.



"I recently earned a contract as  manager with a major Caribbean area Cruise Line. They accepted my transcript and I am now in charge of a full crew."  JB



"I will recommend others!. With the help of my advisor, I will soon have enough knowledge to return for a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Thanks to you I have just been offered and hired as a teacher at a private school making more money than I have ever made in my life."  Y. K.

"I don't know how to thank you but first and foremost I thank the Lord above for sending you to me.  I hope that someday that we meet so I can personally thank you" J.L.T.



"I am a counselor in Transpersonal Orientation.  My PhD has brought my practice new respect, and given my clients additional confidence in their therapy. St. Regis University is a Godsend!" K. Mc.



"I am so very thankful that I found your website and took the time to apply. All my hard work, long hours of study and participation with those that I have respected and honored for so long has, after all this time, has been rewarded." Ms. J


"Your assessment of my work and credentials found me worthy of degrees and certifications I had not even asked for, nor had I considered.  I called a colleague this evening, who is a Professor Emeritus at Cal-Tech University. He greed wholeheartedly with my evaluation for several degrees, and told me to follow through and "wear them with pride", as he believed I earned them all years ago. I feel saddened that too many of our Universities do not have similar programs equal to your own." D.D.R.



"As I grew older, I thought I would never earn a degree to reflect my personal accomplishments. The night I began to fill out your form was my 53rd birthday. I had perused the internet all night looking at many colleges and degree programs. You have made this possible for me, and for that, I am truly grateful" JR



" I always dreamed of a career in the oil industry (being from Texas), and now it has come true. I feel that my SRU Master Degree had a strong influence when I applied and was hired as an oil industry executive.!"  LB  



"Where I work the applicant has to take and pass a testing. If he knows his stuff, then we are more flexible with degree requirements. SRU degree has the same chance as AICS, or Thomas Edison or Oregon State



"Thank you very much! The documents have arrived and it is one of the happiest days of my life." Thomas D.


Note: Special thanks to our graduates who have kindly allowed us to share their innermost feelings. We deeply appreciate their generosity and in return we will protect their privacy.








Copyright "Saint Regis University" 2003

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