It is important to have your degree evaluated by a RECOGNIZED evaluation agency. Beware that some online schools include a so-called evaluation of equivalency report at no charge. However, if it is not from a RECOGNIZED evaluation agency is of no value and perhaps worse. SRU recommends ONLY legitimate, RECOGNIZED evaluation agencies.

The equivalency of St. Regis University degrees to US RA degrees has been established and attested by several recognized agencies. .



It is of utmost importance that the college or university have a web domain address that has an ''.EDU'' or ''.EDU.COUNTRY'' ending. St. Regis University's domain is  The "edu" means it is a valid university and ".lr" stands for Liberia, our home country.

It is virtually impossible for a ''bogus'' college or university to obtain a web address with an ''.EDU'' suffix. Colleges are thoroughly scrutinized before domain naming authorities will grant an EDU domain name.



It is very important that the college or university accept all forms of payment including CREDIT CARDS. Paying by credit card is the safest way to ensure your protection: if you are cheated, you can write to your credit card company and will probably not have to pay anything. Additionally, if the college or university has been cheating people in the past, they will not be granted the possibility to accept credit cards any longer.



It is extremely important that the university you select is legally and properly accredited with a legitimate accreditor. In most countries universities are established through a Government Charter and accredited by the home country's Education Ministry. (In the US there are 6 regional accreditors). Be aware of bogus accrediting agencies. If it is not a National Education Ministry or a US Regional Accreditor, it is most likely bogus.

Unlike some online organizations that grant degrees, St. Regis University is fully recognized by their country's Education Ministry. This is an enormous difference, because most employers, the military and other agencies require such recognition as proof of validity of the degree.

St. Regis University, Chartered in 1984, is fully accredited and recognized by the Higher Education Commissioner of the Education Ministry of Liberia, a UNESCO Member Country,  as a legal, valid and authentic university, operating under the authority and in conformity with all current laws and regulations ruling educational competency certification of the Republic of Liberia, and meets all legal qualifications to establish and operate online and virtual universities to grant college level degrees based on assessment of acquired education, test outs, coursework, research and/or other academic teaching and/or measurement methods.
The Republic of Liberia is a UNESCO member with Partner status, which can be verified from the UNESCO directory :



Beware of bogus college or so-called university degree programs that offer degrees requiring only money and no significant amount of coursework, testing, transfer credits, and when appropriate, life or work experience credits. Legitimate degrees are always earned, never bought. Diploma mills
offer frivolous qualifications for money and little or no work.

St. Regis University has stringent graduation requirements. Students EARN their degrees through portfolio assessment, independent study, research and through competency exams (test outs).


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