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Applicants are considered on an individual basis, entirely on their own merit, but certain advisory standards and other criteria are used in the evaluation process.

All regulations against discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, status as military veteran, or any other characteristics protected by law in any policies, practices, or procedures are followed.





Frequently Asked Questions


Is SRU accredited?

Yes. Unlike some online organizations that grant degrees, St. Regis University is Nationally Chartered (1984) and FULLY ACCREDITED by the Higher Education Commission of Liberia, which grants recognition to post-secondary education institutions in Liberia including University of Liberia, and Cuttington University College.

This is an enormous difference, because most employers, the military and other agencies require such recognition as proof of validity of the degree.

St. Regis University operates under the authority and in conformity with all current laws and regulations ruling educational competency certification of the Republic of Liberia, and meets all legal qualifications to establish and operate as a university to grant undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level degrees based on portfolio assessment, test out exams, supervised and independent study, and research. For verification sources CLICK HERE


Will a SRU degree in education allow me to become certified as a teacher?
SRU graduates with degrees in education can be certified as teachers.

Will a SRU degree in business allow me to become a CPA?

SRU graduates in business can be certified to sit for the CPA exam in 49 of the 50 states (California has their own rules).


Does SRU offer Notarized Diploma Authentication for embassy submission?

Yes. You may order a special document that may be used to have your diploma authenticated by the Authentication Office of the United States Department of State, or another country.

Authentication consists of a notarized document attesting to the authenticity of the degree certificate which is attached to a copy of your degree certificate. ATTENTION DEGREE HOLDERS: To order Authentications CLICK HERE


Do you offer Apostille Service?

YES! St. Regis degrees can be Apostilled by a Secretary of State Department or Country Official. The Apostille (with official seal) legalizes the notarized authenticity report of your St. Regis degree and transcript.

The simplicity and widespread acceptance of an apostille, along with its Government administered guarantee of authenticity, has resulted in it becoming the most widely used method for legalizing a degree for use internationally. Once a degree has been legalized for use with an apostille, it is legal for use in any country which has ratified the Apostille of The Hague Convention. Apostilles are authentication reports testifying to the authenticity of St. Regis University degrees; these reports are then notarized by a public notary and attached with the Apostille of The Hague. If you order the apostilled authentication of your degree, your graduation date must legally match the actual issuing date of the legalized report attached to it.

If your country is one of the members of the Hague Convention, your country will recognize your degree as being authentic, once it is Apostilled. ATTENTION DEGREE HOLDERS: To order Apostilles  CLICK HERE


Does SRU have residency requirements?

No. We accept applications from every country. St. Regis is a global University with graduates throughout the world.  Because we believe that educational opportunities should be available to everyone, everywhere, St. Regis University utilizes technology to reach their students.


If I obtain a bachelor’s degree, can I use it to enter a graduate program at another institution?

Many US regionally accredited universities and colleges have stated in writing that they will accept SRU degrees for admission to their graduate schools.  Keep in mind that acceptance is always the prerogative of the receiver. US regionally accredited (and other such as Nationally accredited) universities that have stated they accepted SRU degrees for application for admission. However, some colleges or universities do not recognize credits earned at any distance colleges. If a transfer of credit is your goal, we encourage you to contact the school you wish to transfer to prior to submitting your application.


Can I use a bachelor or master degree towards a PhD?

Yes. We accept degrees from other educational organizations, schools and universities.


Does everyone qualify for assessment based degrees?

Only 10-15% of applicants have skills or qualifications that meet the expertise of a college graduate. The difference between securing a good life and a great life begins with a full description of your educational background.. Your initial application is the first impression you make on your advisor in consideration to award your St. Regis University degree.
However, if your assessment shows that you do not qualify for a degree your advisor will provide you with options and recommendations on how to proceed toward earning a degree. It may be that testing will be required, additional courses or research or that  more documentation of your experience, or additional study in a particular area is needed.

If additional study is required, your advisor will direct you to sources of both traditional and non-traditional education. Summary of The Process 


How well accepted is a degree earned via the Internet?

Distance learning is a well accepted method of cost-effective education for working adults. With the rapid growth and usefulness of the Internet, we are seeing tremendous growth and acceptance for  distance-learning and independent study education accessible to more and more individuals.

Employers are aware of the fact that attending a classroom university is not possible for a significant number of their workforce, yet they recognize the corporate benefits that a career-related degree program can bring to their employees.

A common complaint heard among large employers is that new graduates with "traditional" degrees are often not properly prepared for the job, while many experienced people who can do the job can't get the opportunity because they lack the appropriate credential. These facts more than hint that the traditional educational system seems to be obsolete.

St. Regis University Programs provide a positive solution to a perpetual problem; finding and qualifying accomplished performers. St. Regis University gives the experienced person an opportunity that is virtually impossible to obtain without enrolling full time in a traditional school. 

St. Regis University is licensed and registered to issue degrees earned through distance learning research and exam programs, and assessment of prior learning.

Earning a degree by through measurements such as "test outs", portfolio assessment or through independent study and research  can be a tremendous source of pride.  These methods by which you acquired your knowledge represent years of your work, experience and accomplishments and are no less valuable than the more traditional method of classroom lecture. 


Are St. Regis University degree programs accepted by military, government and personnel managers?
Yes. Many of our clients have their entire tuition fees paid by military, Fortune 500 companies, local and federal government agencies, and businesses of all types. Attestation and Apostillation of your SRU degree may also be required by some employers. Click here for additional information.

In addition, there are several agencies that will contact a potential employer on your behalf and inquire as to acceptance of any degree. We recommend www.TheCareerPeople.com

St. Regis University has also been listed by an internationally renowned expert on distance learning degree programs in his best selling book, as one of the Top 20 colleges and universities. For more information on how to purchase this guide CLICK HERE


How does a degree earned via distance education differ from a traditional means?

If you already have the education
outside classroom walls through prior learning, experience, independent study and/or can earn credit through testing out, the answer is cost, cost and cost. SRU does not charge you additional tuition for what you have already learned. According to the US Department of Education, the average cost for a bachelor degree obtained on a traditional college or university campus is upwards of $ 30,000; and private colleges and universities rage from $ 30,000 - $ 50,000. Graduate degrees are considerably more expensive than undergraduate studies to well  over $100,000..  St. Regis University offers an affordable option to a traditional degree program.


I have a BA and MA but I stopped while working on my doctorate. I would still like to get my Ph. D. Will I be required to write a dissertation?

Some doctorates are based on dissertation, while others are based on coursework and/or projects. Your advisor will guide you through completion of the requirements for your doctorate degree.


Is the assessment process "easy"?
It is "easier" to take degree courses traditionally than to acquire years and years of knowledge outside classroom walls. Only recently have some schools begun to acknowledge the importance of experience gained outside the classroom.
In the real world a traditional degree is an indication of ability in a given area. It is no more than a credential presenting the completion of a process. The requirements are based on subjective opinions of what "educators" feel is necessary to qualify.
St. Regis University on the other hand, evaluates a person's proven qualifications objectively based on comparative analysis to standard curriculum requirements. The decision to grant the degree is based on what has actually been accomplished, not on speculation.


How does the verification process work?

Your records can be verification at www.transcriptrecords.com or directly through St Regis University.

There is no charge for transcript verification by phone. There is a small charge for a transcript verification of your records by email or fax mail.

Mailed transcripts are usually required when an institution considers the transfer of credits, from one institution to another.  Requests for this type of "official" transcripts are rare, but always available.


Can SRU degrees be attested by RECOGNIZED foreign evaluation agencies as equivalent to United States regionally accredited degrees?

Yes. Because St. Regis University is legally Chartered (1984) and fully accredited and recognized by its home country's Higher Education Commission, many agencies have attested that SRU degrees are equivalent to United States regionally accredited degrees.

Where can I find documentation for my education attained through prior learning?
There are many forms of documentation that will be accepted. Besides certificates, degrees from other schools, universities, colleges, trade schools, etc., a written description of each life experience may be sufficient. Your advisor can assist you with the assembly of your portfolio for assessment or you can complete a self-assessment for submission with your application. If additional documentation is needed, your advisor will notify you.


What grading systems is used?
St. Regis University uses a 4.0 grading scale (A=4.0,  B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0, Fail) which is comprised of course work, testing and related thesis or dissertation assignments.

How will I communicate with my advisor/instructor?
Students will communicate with their advisor/instructors via Internet chat, fax or  email.

How are exams/tests administered?
Students are advised as to which tests may be required.  Students will take their test online and/or email term papers to their advisor/instructor.

What about teaching opportunities and professorships?
SRU has teaching and professorship opportunities  available in all many areas of study. Much like a Certificate or Certification, the SRU Professorship is not a degree, but the achievement of a certain level of education or the completion of certain courses or standards. Adjunct, Assistant and Full Professorships are available to doctorate level degree holders. We also have a number of openings in our Faculty Professor Program. If you are interested in developing courses for online/distance delivery and would like to know more about becoming a part of our faculty CLICK HERE


How can I be sure this program is right for me?

If you are an adult who has college level knowledge attained outside classroom walls, or would like to study on a more flexible schedule this program may be for you. There are other programs, and many are very good, but there are pitfalls to watch out for. For a list of important factors to consider when selecting an online university please CLICK HERE.



Where can I purchase caps, gowns and St. Regis University rings?
You may order them directly from our preferred suppliers.
Caps and gowns are available from
Saxon Uniform, More information can be found hereCollege rings from the Ring Company.


Can I purchase University logo items?

Many items, such as shirts, hats, license plate frames. bumper stickers, coffee mugs, gifts, etc are available at the SRU Store.



Will I qualify for Student Discounts?

Yes! Please click here.

Can I call and ask more questions?
It is important to us that all of your concerns be addressed. Because we work with clients worldwide, and most correspondence must be translated several times, the St. Regis advisors have found email to be a much more efficient and accurate method of communication.
We request that you put all of your concerns in writing so that the advisors may share this information with one another and confer to provide you with answers.
Please feel free to email a description of any concern, and we will be happy to forward it on to the proper advisor.
If you have read the entire content of this website and have not found any instance of your concern, and if your question is relevant to earning a degree you may call (202) 478 1779.
Due to the immense number of enquiries received on a daily basis, we reserve the right to answered only relevant questions that may not be covered at this website . Third parties inquiring about our graduates' achievements will always receive immediate verification.


How do I get started?

For a Free Evaluation Click here. Or, for faster service Click Fast Track





Copyright "Saint Regis University" 2003

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