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The faculty is made up of individuals who have earned Master’s degrees and Doctorates from Liberian, US, Canadian, European, and Australian universities.  Each student is assigned a faculty member to be a mentor/advisor to work through the evaluation and/or research and writing of the thesis or doctorate as required.

Dr. Carlson, Saint Regis University's Provost and Chief Academic Officer, provides leadership and oversight for the University's branch colleges and schools, and its divisions of student affairs, human resources, and information systems. He leads the implementation of the University's strategic plan, Framework for Global Access to Quality Distance Education. Dr. Carlson is a tenured professor in the Department of Business, began his term as provost on Jan 1, 2003.

Dr. Carlson's 25-year career in business includes administrative, research, product development and marketing. He earned the bachelor's degree in business, and MBA and DBA degrees in business and organizational management. Dr. Carlson's major research interests are training and development of international marketing professionals, cross-cultural research in marketing, and issues of negotiation in international trade.

Dr. Carlson, ordained as a Marketplace Minister is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Chapel Ministries dedicated to the mission of helping Christians through their life experiences, missions and ministry attain valid, government recognized degrees, ordinations and certifications.

Professor Dr. Richard Novak; Executive Vice Chancellor, and Past Provost & Chief Academic Officer of St. Regis University; Ph.D. (International Business); and Ed D. (Educational Administration);

Dr. Novak's background is in international business negotiation, arbitration, and mediation, specializing in enforcement of standards in college level distance education programs. He  is currently active as an Educational Rights Advocate and Foreign Affairs Lobbyist working with numerous officials of Higher Learning Institutes, as well as with embassy officials in Washington DC. Dr. Novak is also active as the International Liaison of Governmental Affairs for the National Board of Education and St. Regis University.

Professor Dr. Donna Carey, PhD, Lac; Donna is the co-founder and visionary of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC, creators of the Acutonics® Healing System. She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, sound healer, educator, and poet, trained in western and eastern medicine and the arts. She was Clinical Dean of the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) where she created and administered more than 14 profitable inter-disciplinary community clinics, which serve the health care needs of diverse populations. She also integrated the Acutonics System into mainstream clinical settings.

A leader in the discovery, development and application of new healing technologies, Donna was awakened to the power of sound after a near death experience, where she heard the Music of the Spheres. She has been in practice for more than a decade, creatively integrating sound and energy medicine into her clinical work, teaching and writing. Donna is co-author of Acutonics®: There’s No Place Like Ohm, Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine and the Cosmic Mysteries, and her new book Undancing Division: When Worlds Collide, Poetry of Births and Mergers will be published in 2003. She is also at work on Acutonics®: the Planets, from Cells to Galaxies.

Donna received both her Doctorate and her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. Her undergraduate degrees are in Creative Writing and Medical Technology. Donna also received advanced training at the Sacred Dimensions Medicine School where she studied ancient esoteric healing arts. She currently lives and teaches in rural northern New Mexico where she is working on a new book, writing poetry, and creating sound sculptures.

The internationally renowned scientist, Professor Dr. Hans J. Kempe is the President of PRIME International AG, in Switzerland, a Research Institute of modulated energies in the field of biophysics. He obtained a Doctor of Medicine in Immunology and the Russian Medical Military Academy with honors; M.S. in Mechanical Engineering; B.S. in Physics; M.S. in Physics; PhD in Biophysics; an N.D. in Naturopathy; and is Board Certified by the AAMA in the United States of America.

Dr. Kempe has spent 10 years with the US-Aerospace Program/NASA, as one of the lead scientists of K&A Engineering, design specialist by the DEUTSCH Company, chief engineer of Aero Electric Connector Inc. and technical consultant to companies like General Dynamics and G&H Technology.

Under his leadership, medical therapy devises, named PXL-100, was designed, built and later used to treat thousands of cancer patients and other diseases worldwide.

He has been a staff member of leading Universities such as Stanford, Humboldt and Mindanao State University and organized full-scale studies for AIDS, Diabetes, MS and ALS. The Foundation of Alternative Medicine, Washington, has recently listed Professor Dr. Kempe and his GKA-System as guideline of Alternative Cancer Treatments.

Most recently, Dr. Kempe was appointed as a Coordinator of the Russian Federation President's Nation Health Program, as well as The State Duma of the Russian Federation Sports Committee as an Expert-Advisor on the Council on Problems of National Safety. Dr Kempe is the High Commissioner of Humanitarian Health of the United Humanitarian Organization (U.H.O.) based in Switzerland, working with the United Nations, UNESCO and the WHO.

Professor Dr. Dennis Chandler, Head of Music Department, Student/Career Mentor; Ph.D., DBA; As a music expert Dr. Chandler's performances have captured the hearts of audience members and fellow musicians alike. More on Dr. Chandlers music career.

Dennis’ diverse musical background served him well again at some very different and distinct civic occasions too: Receptions for then Vice President George Bush, Reverend Jesse Jackson, President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton as the sole entertainment and the only musician invited to perform.

As a marketing expert, Dr. Chandler has conducted educational training programs under the auspices of the Sales and Marketing Executives International for over 20 years. His courses incorporated practical skills learned from years of practice, experience and proven success. They included selling skills, negotiation, marketing concepts, management and strategic planning. He spent 12 years in the world of banking rising from trainee to marketing vice president and commercial lending officer. He has served as sales and marketing consultant for many Fortune 500 companies, including Lincoln Electric, Ryder Truck and the largest chamber of commerce in the United States.

Candidates for St. Regis Music degrees may contact Professor Dr. Chandler for career development insight at www.dennischandler.com

Professor Dr. Dominick L. Flarey; Ph.D, DCH, MBA, is a professor of nursing and health care administrator and also lectures extensively on a national basis. He is a Certified Health Care Legal Consultant, and is the Past Editor in Chief of JONA's (journal of nursing administration) Healthcare Law, Ethics & Regulation.

He was an executive consultant to a national "big 6" accounting firm's health care practice and was a service line administrator and consultant for case management for another national consulting firm. He holds a BSN, an MBA, and Doctorates in Nursing Administration and Business Management. He also holds a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and an undergraduate degree in Metaphysics.

He is certified in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and also Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Other certifications include: Nursing Administration Advanced, Spiritual Counseling and he is a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives, as well as a Fellow in the American College of Hypnotherapy. He has extensive experience in education, and has developed many online college certificate and degree programs and courses. He is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Nursing Administration, Case Management: Managing the Process of Patient Care, and Nursing Outcomes.

He has authored over 60 published articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Flarey is editor/author of the book, "Redesigning Nursing Care Delivery: Transforming Our Future," published by Lippincott/Raven publishers.

He is also co-editor/author of the following books by Aspen Publishers: "Reengineering Nursing and Health Care: The Handbook for Organizational Transformation," winner of a 1995 AJN book of the year award, "The Handbook of Nursing Case Management: Health Care Delivery in a World of Managed Care," "Case Studies in Case Management," "Health Care Outcomes: Collaborative, Path-Based Approaches," and "Cardiovascular Outcomes: Collaborative, Path-Based Approaches," and "Process-Centered Healthcare Organizations.

Professor Dr. Leonard van der Walt – Head of the MBA Studies Distance Learning Program. Dr. van der Walt is responsible for maintaining standards of the Distance Learning MBA program at Saint Regis University and development of modular content for this program..

Prof. van der Walt completed his high school career in 1978 in Louis Trichardt, South Africa. He  holds a full Professorship of Marketing at Saint Regis University and holds the following certificates, diplomas and degrees: Certificate in Road Transport Management - CRTM; Bachelor of Arts in Commerce - BA(Com); Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics – BBA(Econ); Post-Graduate Certificate in Management – CM(Post-Grad); Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies – DMS (Post-Grad); Master of Business Administration in Marketing - MBA; Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing – PhD

Dr. van der Walt has vast Marketing lecturing experience and has been lecturing to MBA students in Lusaka, Zambia where he was instrumental in the formation of the Management College of Southern Africa satellite campus in Zambia. He is also an external examiner for SRU for Masters and Doctoral students. Prof. van der Walt is also an author and researcher in the field of Marketing, and some of his research papers have been introduced at SRU in textbook form as part of the MBA Marketing program.

He also wrote prescribed manuals for training in the petroleum industry, of which he has extensive knowledge.

Prof. van der Walt is also a Member of the South African Institute of Management, a Member of the Security Association of South Africa, a member of the Institute of Marketing Management in South Africa, as well as a Fellow of the International Academy of Management in the UK.

Andrew FlaxmanProfessor Andrew Flaxman is the Director of EDUCATE YOURSELF FOR TOMORROW®, a Liberal Arts self-study program. Leaving a successful Wall Street career in 1980, he organized the faculty to create the curriculum and guides to promote self-knowledge through literature, art and music.

Mr. Flaxman wrote introductory material on history, politics and economics and offered the program through home study and seminars. In 2000 he set up a web-site, www.onlinehumanities.com to make the courses available through the Internet.

This guided approach to Liberal Arts is unified by the ancient advice to “Know Thyself.” The word “Liberal” has the same root as “Liberate.”

Liberal Arts should be the study of what leads to freedom, as in “The truth shall set you free.” The self-knowledge theme of this course of study enables students to think deeper and more clearly. This inspirational approach, beyond the purely intellectual, is used to bring deeper purpose and meaning to the Humanities.

Flaxman conducts seminars in the courses through Berkshire Community College and Berkshire Institute for Lifetime Learning in Great Barrington, MA. He has had a varied career as a social studies teacher for emotionally disturbed adolescents, as a publisher of philosophical and educational materials, and as an investment broker.

His publications include Learning from History, (Gifted Education Press of Virginia), 1990; The Open “I”; Humanities Education (University of Minnesota), 1991; The Extra Senses in Our Perception, Thresholds Quarterly, May, 1999; The Bhagavad Gita and Self Education, Thresholds Quarterly, Winter, 2000; and The Open “I” (revised), Chrysalis Reader, 2001. Flaxman earned his MBA from Rutgers University and graduated from Princeton University, cum laude in history.

Professor Dr. Christopher R. Campbell; N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy); Ph.D. (Financial Management); M.A. (Adult and Vocational Education; M.A. (Business Technology Education/Information Systems).

Dr. Campbell comes to St. Regis University with over 13 years teaching experience in the K-12, vocational, trade, and business school areas, as well as teaching at the community college and four year bachelor's degree level. His educational and public administration expertise spans over 14 years. He has been actively involved as elected official in public and private financial management and over four years as a college administrator.

Professor Campbell holds certifications and licenses in the areas of: Registered Naturopath-District of Columbia; Certified Personal Computer System Administrator; Certified Environmental Specialist; Registered Higher Education Instructor; Registered Higher Education Administration; and a Certified Distance Learning Instructor.

His professional memberships and honors include: Christian Medical and Dental Association; National Integrative Medical Council (NIMC); American Holistic Health Association (AHHA); Member National Homeopathic Center; The National Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society; International Federation of Professional Educators (Member); International Society for Financial Services Member (ISFS); Environmental Assessment Association; College Accreditation Evaluation Team Member (3 years).

Professor Dr. Abul Kalaam Azad A.S, Head of the Information Technology  Studies Distance Learning Program; With his aptitude to gather knowledge has secured several degrees including Honorary Doctor of Science (Network/Systems Engineering), Doctor of Philosophy (Networking) with Honors, Master of Business Administration (Information Technology) and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science). He also holds a number of Industrial certifications including MCSE, MCP+I, MCP, CSA, and has recently been awarded Membership in the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (MIETE-Member of IETE) MIETE and the degrees ME (CSE) and Ed.D (IT).

Dr. Azad is the CEO of Seyed Azad Infotech Private Limited, incorporated in India. This company is a start-up venture and grows well in its path to success.

Dr. Azad is also an expert in Web development and secured several International Web Awards including Golden Web Award of International Association of Web Masters and Designers (IAWMD), Canadian Web Award, Wild on the Web Award, Critical Mass Award and Whisper’s Award etc.

Dr. Azad has developed a Bluetooth Solution “Automatic Refrigerator using Wireless Technology” and has developed solutions for many companies in India.

Professor Dr. Harry L. Harper; Ph.D.  Business Administration: Holds a Full Professorship at St Regis University. His current position with Manulife Financial is in the field of group pension 401k retirement funds.

He possesses licenses with the National Association of Securities Dealers, “NASD”, and Security Brokers Series 6 & 63, as well as Life, Annuity, Health, and Variable products insurance licenses in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, & Tennessee. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Alabama, plus Master of Arts in Business Administration, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration.

He earned the prestigious designation of RPA, “Registered Professional Appraiser”, and “Registered Professional Assessor” from the Board of Tax Professional Examiners in the State of Texas. He also holds designations from Texas state associations as CTA, “Certified Texas Assessor”, RTA “Registered Texas Assessor, RTC “Registered Texas Collector”, and CSTA “Certified School Tax Administrator”. His 18 years in the area of Real Estate Appraisal & Taxation and his vast knowledge in Ad Valorem Taxation and Tax Law has been a great asset to many City and School District offices.

His training at Angelo State University Law Department and University of Texas LBJ School of Business helped in the development of his business career. His experience provided valuable assistance in the development of the Texas State Property Tax Appraisal Manual. In the early 80’s he assisted in the development of the magnetic tape system for transmission of property tax information via computer-generated magnetic tapes for the billing and collection of school district taxes.

Dr. Harper conducted numerous seminars on “Property Owner Rights” under the Law and was an educator and speaker for, “Know your Tax Rights and the Law in Texas.” Previously, in the position of Vice President, Operations with Allgray Construction, his wide based knowledge in business increased profits by 100% for the company in less than 2 years.

He has a willingness to help others strive to better themselves and dedicates himself and his 36 years of business experience to helping those students excel with Saint Regis University.

Professor John Sarber, PhD Theology, St Regis University
Professor Sarber is a Creation Apologist whose study in this area spans over two decades. He heads the School of Christian Apologetics at St. Regis University and is the Founder of the Institute for Advanced Creation Apologetics, a think tank for the research into Creation Evidence.

Professor Sarber is a Young Earth Creationist with fundamental beliefs that God's Special Revelation, the Bible, and His General Revelation, the Creation of the Universe are intrinsically linked in a tapestry of evidence of His reality.

Professor Sarber lectures and writes extensively on Creation evidence and the rational defense of the Bible.  His current project is the development and implementation of online courseware in theology and apologetics at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Professor Dr. Robert S. Stefaniak: PhD in Multi Cultural Religious Musicology, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Music Degree, Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from various colleges and universities.

Dr. Stefaniak comes to St. Regis University with a wide variety of professional music involvement and experience. His expertise in "classical" music of the Western traditions, and "America's classical music", as Antonin Dvorak calls Jazz is well known to music lovers in the metro-Milwaukee community.

For 11 years, Dr. Stefaniak programmed and hosted radio shows for Milwaukee's commercial classical station WFMR. He's worked as education producer for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's ACE (Arts in Community Education) outreach producing tapes and CDs used by school teachers and Docents for the Symphony's Youth and High School Concerts. Robert also  taught thousands of kids in dozens of classrooms as a Docent trainer and Docent for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra League.

Today he works with Jazz Studies Outreach Milwaukee/Midwest with funding through Alverno College. Dr. Stefaniak also hosted and produced Jazz programs for two Milwaukee public radio stations WUWM (University of Wisconsin  Milwaukee) and WYMS (Milwaukee Public Schools). Dr. Stefaniak also produces music tracks for various education projects including Marquette University's Dr. Jill Lackey's Urban Anthropology Inc.

Dr. Stefaniak's formal education began with 4 years undergraduate work in Fine Arts and Mass Communication through the University of Wisconsin. He's earned double Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Religious Studies and Music. He's also worked with the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in promotion and scholarship development as well as working with the American Guild of Organists - Milwaukee, and Milwaukee's Civic Music Association. He's served as an adjudicator for the Wisconsin Artists Foundation.

His doctorate is in multi-cultural religious musicology. In addition to teaching and performing at various Milwaukee area schools, he's taught continuing education summer classes for teachers through McPherson College. Dr. Stefaniak supports nontraditional forms of education, but believes that there are no shortcuts to true learning.

\While attending an audition at Butler University with his son Jon, the dean of the Jordan School of Fine Arts stated, that ultimately in performance art, "a degree has no meaning if you can't pass the audition and get the gig.", whether it's for a Major Symphony Orchestra or an off Broadway Show. Says Dr. Stefaniak, "If you've learned, you'll earn."

Professor Dr. William A. Eydler;  Ph.D in Physical Education Administration, Ph.D. in Theocentric Business and Ethics, MA in Physical Education Administration, Certificate in Recreation and Sports Management, Pennsylvania Department of Education Professional Instructional II Certificate, and a BA in Education and History.  He is a Professor of Physical Education Administration, Recreation and Sports Management.  Professor Eydler has been actively involved in education for thirty-four and one half years.  He has coached tennis at the college level for 25 years.  Eydler has also been a coach of football and basketball.  Teaching on both the elementary and secondary level, Professor Eydler is now teaching as a  Math Specialist.  He has also taught Social Studies for a number of years.

Dr. Eydler is CEO and President of Eydler Enterprise Company, a company he founded over 25 years ago.  The company specializes in tennis and basketball court construction and repair as well as the wholesale and retail sale of tennis, racquetball and squash equipment.  Eydler is a certified racquet technician having restrung well over 10,000 rackets.

An accomplished tennis player Dr. Eydler still plays competitive tennis.  He has won many tournament on both the local level as well as in the Northeast, earning a ranking as high as #10 in the MSTA Men's 35 division doubles in 1984.  In 1981 he was named to the Advisory Board of the Four Star Tennis Academy, serving two years in that position.  He has served as an officer in the Lehigh Valley Tennis Association for several years.  Dr. Eydler has been the Tennis Director for his hometown for nearly 35 years and also established and operates a highly successful Summer tennis camp.  In the late 1970's Professor Eydler was General Chairman of a successful Satellite Tennis tournament.  He is on various boards of tennis organizations and serrved as the Tennis Director of the Pennsylvania Keystone State Games.  Eydler was instrumental in having tennis put into the games.  In 1983 and 1990 Dr. Eydler was chosen Outstanding Coach of the Year by the Lehigh Valley Tennis Association.

Enjoying a highly successful tenure as a college coach, Dr. Eydler has led his team to a number of Middle Atlantic Conference division and league titles.  These include the 2000 MAC overall championship.  He coached two players to the NCAA III Nationals and another to the MAC Individual Singles Title.   Professor Eydler was named MAC Freedom League  "Coach of the Year" in 2000.  Eydler coached his team to the overall conference runner-up in 2001 and the playoffs in 2002.  In 2003 Dr. Eydler won his 300 victory, with a college career record of 301-191. He serves as a member of the MAC Conference Tennis Games Committee.

Professor Eydler has and continues to present programs in sports and various subjects in education.  He also is an avid investor and serves as President of the Wyoming Valley Investors Club. 

Professor Dr. Edwin Sepulveda, J.D., Ph.D.; Certified Trainer of The Manager-as-Mediator Seminar, Certified Trainer of The Self-as-Mediator Seminar, Graduate of College of Professional Mediation, Registered Mediator, Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Registered Arbitrator, Supreme Court of Georgia, Based in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Edwin Sepulveda is a professional in human resource management. He received his training in mediation at the Mediation Training Institute International and the College of Professional Mediation. Dr. Sepulveda has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Dr. Sepulveda is owner of Nored Drugstore located in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico. He has been practicing in the area of human resource management and business administration for twenty-four years. His first experience in the field of human resource management was at the age of twenty-one as a reserve commissioned officer in the U.S. Army with the rank of second lieutenant.

Subsequently, he served in the U.S. Army Reserve and in the Puerto Rico Army National Guard raising to the rank of major. He had two company command tours and served in various staff assignments. Among the tasks that he performs as a business owner and administrator are human resource manager, and trainer of his staff.

Dr. Sepulveda is not a licensed attorney but does practice within his business organization “preventive corporate law.” He defines this concept as “the process of identifying potential legal and regulatory problems before they turn into court problems.” His professional areas of interest are labor law and human resource management.

Dr. Sepulveda is a member of the American Management Association, Society for Human Resource Management, American Arbitration Association, American Bar Association, National Lawyers Association, International Bar Association, Association for Conflict Resolution, National Paralegal Association, Reserve Officer Association of the United States, the American Legion, and the United States Distance Learning Association. Dr. Sepulveda is a faculty member of the College of Professional Mediation. Dr. Sepulveda is a former adjunct professor of law for La Salle University. He is currently on the “Board of Visitors” for Ave Maria School of Law, Ann Arbor Michigan. Dr. Sepulveda is a member of the International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs for the year 2000. He has registration as a mediator with the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and as an arbitrator in the state of Georgia.

Professor Dr. John S. Dovelos; PhD, DCH, MASCH, CHT, Head of the Department of Psychotherapy & Counseling. Professor John S. Dovelos, PhD, DCH, is the Head of the St. Regis Department of Psychotherapy and Counseling. In addition to his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Saint Regis University, Dr Dovelos holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Health and Human Services with concentrations in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the New South Wales School of Hypnotic Sciences, as well as a Diploma in Clinical Psychotherapy. He is Certified by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is a member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. His other certifications include: Bilingual Mental Health Counseling by the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry, Cross-Cultural HIV/AIDS Counseling and Education by the New South Wales Multicultural HIV/AIDS Counseling and Education Service. He is also certified in Family Counseling, Stress Management, Health Education, and Human Sexuality.
During his career in Psychotherapy/Counseling/Hypnotherapy, which spans more than 23 years, Dr Dovelos has worked in Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Health Centers in the Central Sydney Health Service, and also in private clinics as well as in private practice both in Sydney, Australia and Athens, Greece. He has also worked in the fields of Rehabilitation and Pain Management in connection to work accidents, and offered his services frequently as an expert witness in relation to Workers’ Compensation Cases.
While working for the Public Health System in Sydney, Dr Dovelos, in addition to providing individual and group psychotherapy and counseling services, organized and conducted a number of Government-funded cross-cultural research projects in the areas of Drugs and Alcohol, Mental Illness, HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Services for the Aged, etc. In addition, he participated in the development and delivery of Health Education Programs in the above areas, specially designed for people from Non-English-Speaking-Backgrounds.
Dr Dovelos also headed a team of Cross-Cultural Mental Health Specialists in designing, developing, and pilot-testing special group therapy programs for target populations with specific needs. The results of the above research projects as well as the education and therapy programs developed by Dr Dovelos and his co-workers have been published over the years in a number of specialized publications.
Dr Dovelos has also developed a number of new Hypnotherapy Treatment Packages including “Combined Cognitive Hypnotherapy”, published by UMI (1994), and an innovative therapy approach to social anxiety disorder presented in his dissertation submitted to St Regis University. Abstracts and/or outlines of other Dr Dovelos’s papers have also appeared over the years in a number of periodicals.
Dr Dovelos’s Greek language book, “Contemporary Clinical Hypnotherapy: Theory and Practice” is scheduled for publication in Greece within the next few months.
Dr Dovelos’s major research interests are the structure and function of human personality, altered states of consciousness, the use of hypnosis in physical healing, and general psychotherapy/hypnotherapy. He has been, for many years, actively involved in research and experimentation in the above areas. This involvement is reflected in the contents of the comprehensive Distance Education Degree Programs in Psychotherapy, Counseling and Hypnotherapy he has developed for the St Regis University Department of Psychotherapy and Counseling.
Dr Dovelos is currently a licensed Psychotherapist/Family Counselor in private practice in Athens, Greece.

Professor Helmut Peter Steiner, MS, Ph.D. (Telecommunications).
A native of Austria, Dr. Steiner pioneered telecommunications through SIEMENS AG and celebrated his fortieth anniversary on the 17th of June 2003.
His roles include Commissioning Engineer, Principal Engineer, Manager of Training and Course Development, Manager of Service-Documentation, Manager of Support Software Development, IT Manager, Manager of Quality Management Systems and Auditing.
Dr. Steiner’s philosophy on telecommunications is that it is a pillar, together with transportation, for a prosperous economy.  
Dr. Steiner’s joined Siemens A.G. because of its focus on international business, innovative disposition towards technology. Dr Steiner has a passion in multi-cultural affairs.

Dr. Steiner’s global business roles took him to Austria, Demark, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Philippines, Singapore, Slovenia, Syria and Taiwan. In the last 14 years he was stationed in the United States of America.
Dr Steiner strives for excellence, he is multilingual, became proficient in Arabic (and also studied Farsi) during his 5 years assignment in Arab speaking countries.

Professor Syed Shams H. Azeemi, MBA, PhD (Criminology);

Dr Shams is Founder and Chairman of the National Council of Criminology of Pakistan and a member of the American Society of Criminology, USA.

The National Council was established to supervise the development of criminology and represent the interests of professional criminologists in Pakistan. It will also serve as the professional liaison body for the development of criminology and forensic science in Pakistani Universities.

Currently, Dr. Shams is continuing the foundation work through the National University of Applied Criminology and Forensic Science in Pakistan and holds the Office of Chief Patron for the National Magazine on Crime and Investigation.

Dr. Shams has the honor to be one of the few Doctors of Criminology in Pakistan.

Dr. Shams began his career in Aeronautics. He received his Diploma in Aerospace from the Pakistan Air Force School of Aeronautics.

Dr Shams developed the training manuals for the Air Force School in helicopter familiarization/maintenance program and had extensive field experience in search and rescue squadron flight engineering.

While serving in the Pakistan Air Force, he entered the Pakistan Military Academy as a Gentleman Cadet, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History and was awarded the Academy’s gold medal in academic studies.

Dr. Shams also holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of Sindh Pakistan.

During his eleven years of service, he completed programs in Forward Air Control, Officer’s Tactical Training, Officer’s Weapons Training (he was awarded as the best shooter), Artillery Training and other specialist military training.

His military roles were in instructional, administrative, technical, tactical, intelligence and investigative areas before resigning with the rank of Captain.


Professor Ishaq Shafiq, Ph.D, Ed.D
Dr. Shafiq is President of the Alexandria Theological Seminary whose prime mission is to provide interdenominational religious education programs for persons of all religious faiths who desire to enter into religious ministries.   He also serves as CEO of Quantum III Corporation.

He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with highest Distinction in Political Science and a Master Degree in Urban Planning; and has an earned Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Urban and Regional Planning; and Doctor of Education.  He was inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha The National Honor Society for Political Science in 1970.

His professional designations include being a Certified Review Appraiser and Registered Mortgage licensed Real Estate Broker.  He was listed in Who's Who for Local Government Management 1993-94 and Who's Who of International Professionals in 1997..

Dr. Shafiq's professional background also include serving as City Manager and has held Adjunct Professorships and Administrative positions at the College of Business Chicago State University, Indiana University (Northwest Branch), the University of Illinois and Prairie State College.

Dr. Shafiq has written several articles on Economic Development in African American urban communities and is a contributing writer of two books, A National Reconstructed: A Quest for what Cities Can Be released in the fall of 1996 by Quality Press; and the African American Business Encyclopedia released in December of 1999 by Greenwood Publishing Company.




Copyright "Saint Regis University" 2003

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