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Degree Programs

The St. Regis University degree programs differ from other similar undergraduate and graduate programs worldwide because most other programs require at least a minimal residency at the campus.  St. Regis recognizes numerous studies that show that independent learning is at least as effective as learning on campus.  Therefore, St. Regis University degrees are 100% non-residential. This program will allow all students to earn a Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees through Assessment, Research and/or Examination from anywhere in the world.


St. Regis University Degrees By DesignTM Programs


St. Regis University's Degrees By DesignTM Program provides a unique opportunity for qualified individuals to prove their knowledge levels and earn credits toward degrees by designing the completion methods of the degree program curriculum

.It is a fact that with the advent of Internet technology, any person committed to learning, can study any subject through independent study, research practice and experience.

The student may design his or her own method to complete courses within the degree program of his/her choice through:

1. Degrees By Assessment TM portfolio assessment of knowledge acquired through experience and prior learning.

2. Degrees By Research TM independent study, academic projects, and assignments

3. Degrees By Exam TM, “testing out”, passing online exams.

4. Degrees By Distance Courses

Saint Regis University Distance Learning Program offers ACCELERATED coursework-based degrees for busy individuals who want a high quality education without interrupting their present careers or family responsibilities.

St. Regis University has taken powerful steps to meet the demands of highly qualified individuals worldwide and the needs of today's independent learners by being the only fully accredited online organization offering the exclusive Degrees By Design TM Program.

In addition St. Regis University accepts transfer credits for work completed at other institutions of higher education. 

Doctoral program applicants who hold a master's degree awarded by an approved institution of higher education, or equivalent, and plan to pursue a major in the same field as their master's degree, will be granted 30 credits of transfer credit toward their doctoral program. Additional credit may be granted at the discretion of the faculty, based on information obtained during the assessment process.


Operation of the Program

Entry to the St. Regis University Graduate program is based on the applicant’s potential to achieve success in their chosen course of study. In making this assessment the only relevant factors will be the applicant’s aptitude. No applicant will receive less favorable treatment on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, social class, age, disability, color, race nationality, or ethnic or national origins. The only conditions of entry that will be imposed in any case will be justifiable on academic grounds.

Liberian applicants will be granted scholarships on a case by case basis and given preference in all cases of entrance.

Each student is assigned an Advisor. Students and Advisors communicate via email.

Some Degree By Design TM programs require no course work following the English and Australian model.  The students, under the supervision of the Advisor/Professor will use texts, portfolio assessment, online courses, and libraries local to the students and electronic libraries and databases. 





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