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High School Diploma by Exam™

Who may participate in the High School Diploma by Exam™ Program?

Anyone over 18 years of age who left school before graduation.

How does the program work?

The Evaluation for the High School Diploma by Exam™ Program is FREE and is delivered online. It consists of a series of multiple-choice exams that will measure your knowledge for equivalency to the completion requirements of a traditional high school, plus 2 years beyond.


Why does it measure knowledge beyond high school equivalency?


High School Diploma by Exam™  is given by Branford Academy, which is a College Preparatory High School. High ranking College Preparatory High Schools graduates often finish high school with enough credits to complete an Associate's Degree. You will be tested for this degree as well.


What if I do not pass?


The results of your online exam will be forwarded to your appointed academic advisor for scoring. You will: 1. Pass the High School portion. 2. Pass both the High School and Associate Degree level. 3. Pass neither level.

If you do not pass either level, you will be able to retest at any time without penalty. Your advisor can direct you on which areas you require further study and will assist you until you succeed. The evaluation is free, so the ONLY way to fail is to quit!

What does the exam consist of?

The High School Diploma by Exam™  covers reading and writing skills, humanities, mathematics, science, arts and technology at the high school grad and college prep level.

Is Branford Academy accredited?

Yes. Branford Academy is an Official Branch of St. Regis University. Unlike some online organizations that grant degrees, St. Regis University is fully recognized by their country's Education Minister. This is an enormous difference, because most employers, the military and other agencies require such recognition as proof of validity of the degree.


Who accepts the diploma?

The Branford Academy diploma is accepted by trade schools, colleges, universities, and employers. Because it is possible (but rare) that a particular use of certain academic credentials may require they be granted in the traditional manner,  you are advised to determine the program's suitability for your particular purpose before enrolling.

What does it cost?

The evaluation is FREE. The graduation fees for your High School Diploma or Associate Degree
and Special Combination of both High School Diploma and Associate Degree is posted at TUITION.  Your high school diploma is a valuable document. Branford Academy remains committed to keeping your costs low by delivering this exceptional program online.

How will this program help me?

The reasons are many, varied and personal to each applicant. We receive letters of thanks each day from Branford grads who had a desire to graduate from high school to attend college, get a job, or just to have the pride that came with holding a valid high school diploma.

Is this a GED?

No. The GED is not available online nor in any state proficiency exams. Our graduates receive a High School Diploma, not an equivalency certificate.


Can I get a high school diploma if I already have a GED?

Yes! If you already have a GED,  NO EXAM IS NECESSARY! You will qualify for a Branford Academy Preparatory High School diploma by submitting a copy of your GED certificate and paying your graduation fee. IF YOU HAVE A GED CLICK HERE.


How do I start?

Click here to fill out a
FREE HIGH SCHOOL EVALUATION APPLICATION. Be sure that you provide a VALID email address. Your instructions to take the exam will be sent to your email address. You will have three hours to complete the exam so please plan to be well rested and nourished.






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