About St. Regis University

The University  

Saint Regis University was legally Chartered  in Monrovia Liberia in 1984 as private school of higher learning.  In August of 1998, SRU began the four year process required for accreditation.  August 28, 2002 having fulfilled all qualification requirements, Saint Regis University was approved for full recognition by the Education Ministry of Liberia and the Commission of Higher Education .

Saint Regis University is staffed with a faculty of highly qualified professors and student advisors providing top quality
degree programs at affordable costs through  live, taped and online lectures, reading/field assignments, projects, independent and supervised study, and by granting credit for experience (portfolio assessment), passing test out exams, completing research and by transfer of credits from accredited institutes of higher learning.


Institutions that can offer degrees in the highest quality to students anywhere in the world will become the leaders in the new millennium of learning.


Not long ago, the concept of distance education was dependant upon evolution of communication technology. Now that this technology is a reality, new opportunities for global students have arrived.


The availability of quality online education in the form of courses, test-outs, portfolio assessment, and research-based learning has nearly eliminated the need for expensive school buildings, huge faculties and administration, resulting in tremendous benefits including lowered tuition, non-interruption of present career, convenience of scheduling, elimination of travel and student housing expense and a wider availability of the best educators. 


Distance methods help to remove social inequalities, and provide salvation for the educationally disadvantaged. The flexibility of globalized education, open access and adaptability provides a cost-effective opportunity to study anything, anywhere at any time, with only the requirement of having access to a computer and the Internet.


Distance programs have been proven to provide a richer learning experience for the mature student. It also affords a personal dimension to tuition that is no longer possible on today's campuses. The personal and tailored learning environment of St. Regis University is truly a global campus.


The Republic of Liberia


St. Regis University’s homeland is Liberia, and they are proud to be a part of the country’s progression into the 21st century in the education arena.  

All citizens of Liberia will be given full or partial scholarships to St. Regis University.   

All graduates of Liberian schools will be given preferential treatment at St. Regis University.

All credits from all accredited Liberian schools will be automatically accepted for transfer to St. Regis University. 


The History and The Future


Throughout history, more learning and teaching has taken place outside a classroom than in what we think of today as the traditional setting.


"Nontraditional" educational programs have always been slow to be accepted by old style, "traditional" educators with vested interest in traditional higher education.  It has been found that there is less and less resistance to new ideas techniques and educational programs such as our fully accredited degree programs since we entered the Information Age.


This is likely due to the rapid acceptance by employers, organizations and modern-thinking educators, and growing acceptance by even the most stringent "traditionalists".


In the next century the world population will reach 10 billion. The challenge of providing education to such a doubled population is formidable for the development of education.  For nations, even now, the level of the education of its people is rapidly becoming as important for its prosperity as its natural resources. Francis Bacon said 400 years ago that “knowledge is power”, but that has never been truer than it is today.


The requirement of the future student is greatly different from what traditional education has provided. This has arisen because it is no longer sufficient that all citizens get a sound, basic education before taking up an occupation. In the course of a normal working career, individuals will need to update and renew their knowledge and skills several times. Learning has now become lifelong - not as a choice but as a necessity.


 Holding a college degree can dramatically enhance your chances of a  prosperous future  and lead to exciting careers. St. Regis University will continue to be a leader in the future of education.




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