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St. Regis University was originally Chartered January 10, 1984, Created by Decree of the People's Redemption Council Government of Liberia, as a private school with a physical campus. In 1998, St. Regis University closed the physical campus and moved to a virtual location to better serve students by offering affordable programs without sacrificing quality, and began a four year accreditation process toward formal recognition.

(Prior to 1998 no process existed for the accreditation of online universities.)

On August 28, 2002, St. Regis University completed all accreditation requirements and received formal recognition by the Higher Education Commission of the Education Ministry of Liberia as a legal, valid and authentic university, operating under the authority and in conformity with all current laws and regulations ruling educational competency certification of the Republic of Liberia. The Higher Education Commission of the Education Ministry of Liberia   is solely responsible for granting recognition to post-secondary education institutions in Liberia including St. Regis University, University of Liberia and Cuttington University College.

The Republic of Liberia is one of the earliest United Nations Educational Organization UNESCO Higher Education Partners, and a historical American ColonySt. Regis University is listed at UNESCO and is scheduled for print in their upcoming handbook edition 2005.

St. Regis University is accredited as a degree-awarding post-secondary institution of higher education in the form of a university by the National Commission on Higher Education, the Higher Education accrediting authority of the Ministry of Education in the Government of Liberia.

Federal accreditation by a National Government represents the highest form of globally accepted, legal and valid accreditation of a college or university, and the validity of awarded academic degrees.

Degree evaluators in the United States and abroad have concluded that if a foreign college or university is recognized and accredited by a nation's Ministry of Education, it is viewed to be equal of a regionally or nationally accredited USA degree, and of a nationally recognized degree in other countries.

St. Regis University is dedicated to meet and often exceeds all current academic, professional and legal standards of higher education credentialing in the Distance Education arena.

From 'The Perspective' (Atlanta, Georgia): ''Liberian Government's Minister of Education becomes MINISTER OF THE YEAR 2002-2003''.

For telephone or postal verification accreditation, you may contact:


Government Ministry of Education

Executive Director, National Commission on Higher Education
Dr. Lawrence S. Bestman
Broad Street 4th Floor, Room 413
Republic of Liberia


Embassy of The Republic of Liberia

Andrew W. Kronyanh
Charge D' Affaires
Odoi Kwao Street
Airport Residential Area
P O Box 895
Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233 21-77-56-41
Cell: 233 24-36-41-99

Liberian Ministry of Education
Phone: (+231) 226406; (+231) 226216;
(+231) 225888; (+231) 3300528


Embassy of The Republic of Liberia
5201 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20011

Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Liberia to UNESCO -

Phone: (+33) 01 47635855; Fax: (+33) 01 47632385
UNESCO Division of Higher Education - Phone: (+33.1) 45681106

St Regis University programs are flexible, but thorough, taking into consideration the outcome of the assessment of many years of experience, research, coursework, papers, and/or testing-out as a means of measuring competency thus allowing the student many options beyond formal education.


St. Regis University places heavy emphasis on what students actually know and what they can produce by reviewing assignments, examinations, and measuring all forms of learning.


St. Regis places less emphasis on “systems” and more emphasis on “'outcomes”.

St. Regis University has submitted documentation of degree programs, descriptions of course/course equivalency completion, curriculum, catalog, assessment manual, policies and all required criteria meeting the very high standards required to gain recognition by the Education Ministry of Liberia.

It is important to understand that the US government does not accredit non-US schools and that other governments do not accredit US schools. Each country's minister of education or department of education provides for the recognition or accreditation of its own country's schools only.

Please read http://www.adsec.nafsa.org/criteriafc.asp

In general, in the US, any evaluation agency that is a member of one of more of the following organizations are generally accepted by employers and other colleges and universities: AACRAO (The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers), NAFSA (The Association of International Educators), AICE (The Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc), NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services).

St. Regis University is a non-US distance learning university.  One of the recommendations of the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Education Credentials is that the Foreign Government must accredit the university or institution. 

St Regis University is fully accredited by the Republic of Liberia.

In other countries students use the recognized evaluation agencies that evaluate for their home country. For many countries the same evaluation agencies that evaluate for the US would evaluate for Canada, Europe etc. Ask the agency that you use if they evaluate for Canadian, Asian, European etc., equivalencies.

The equivalency of St. Regis University degrees to US RA and Canadian degrees has been established by several recognized agencies.

It is important to check with your employer and with the colleges or universities that you plan to attend to learn of their requirements.

There are several  agencies that will contact a potential employer on your behalf and inquire as to acceptance of any degree. Click here for more information.




Copyright "Saint Regis University" 2003

Copyright "Saint Regis University" 2003