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These are the most Frequently Asked Questions About The Qualified Independent School (QIS) Program

How do I become a Qualified Independent School (QIS)?

Qualified Independent Schools must develop and operate their own system of teaching, assessment or evaluation for degree qualification.

As a Qualified Independent School you must also have a professional website domain (not a free website). You must complete the DegreeToday application for approval. All conditions must be met before you can become a Qualified Independent School (QIS).

How do I get paid?

As a Qualified Independent School (QIS), you may offer your students or clients college-level degrees. Your students or clients pay you for the courses you offer,  or for your assessment of your clients prior knowledge, for which they will receive PRE-APPROVED credits for acceptance toward an accredited degree.

Qualified Independent Schools determine the amount they wish to charge their students, clients, but they should make sure that their fees include the amount of the transfer fees to be paid to DegreeToday.

How is DegreeToday paid? 

Example #1:

John Smith has a computer school. He becomes a DegreeToday Qualified Independent School (QIS). John charges $2,700 tuition for his bachelor degree program. His student enrolls and pays John's school $2,700.  John pays DegreeToday $550 transfer fee (bachelor degree fee) from this tuition. John's student completes the program, we grant the credits (which are PRE-APPROVED for transfer to the accredited university which  issues John's student a bachelor degree. In this example, John's share is $2,150.

Example #2:

Mary Jones has an educational assessment company. She becomes a DegreeToday Qualified Independent School (QIS). Mary charges her client $950 to evaluate his prior learning and work experience for credit.  Mary's client pays the $950 to Mary's organization.  Mary determines that her client qualifies for enough credits to fulfill a typical Associate Degree program. Mary pays $500 transfer fee (associate degree fee) from this tuition, and the accredited university issues Mary's client an associate degree. In this example, Mary's share is $450.


Once you have determined that your student or client is ready for graduation, you will fill out a Notification Report and pay the proper graduation fee at

Qualified Independent Schools must provide their students with a transcript of credits earned. The accredited university can supply you with a sample transcript, or you may use your own, but because the student is completing your program, you must provide the the names of courses completed and number of credits earned.


Who is responsible for getting the diploma and documents to my students or clients?

The accredited university will send all degree documents to the student upon receipt of PRE-APPROVED credit transfer  AND payment of transfer fee. Qualified Independent Schools are responsible for the collection and payment of transfer fees to DegreeToday. The transfer fee due to DegreeToday must be paid prior to any issuance of any degrees to any party.

Who determines when the student may graduate?

In order for any student to be eligible for a degree, he/she must have earned enough PRE-APPROVED credit to complete the requirements of a typical degree program.

Who takes care of student/client questions and concerns?

Student/clients may email DegreeToday with any question concerning degree documents. For all other concerns, they must contact the Qualified Independent School (QIS)The Qualified Independent School (QIS) is also responsible for counseling and assisting students in completing the Qualified Independent School's  Program, such as assistance with writing the dissertation, passing tests, completing courses or training, providing supplementary teaching as needed.

What school name will appear on the student's degree?

Your students earn credit through your school. These credits are PRE-APPROVED for acceptance by the accredited university, so the name of the accredited university will appear.

I want to conduct an evaluation process instead of offering courses. Is this acceptable?

Yes. We welcome professional education consultants. But you must have your own evaluation or assessment service. You must recruit your own clients, and have a process to collect their data, evaluate it and provide the client with their results. You must also be able to prepare a transcript showing credits with equivalency to a standard degree. You may NOT use copies of our accredited university websites or portions of their websites as a "resell" of services. Qualified Independent Schools must provide a valuable service in the preparation of a portfolio assessment showing credits for PRE-APPROVAL for acceptance by the accredited university toward a degree.

Does DegreeToday offer the an exclusive Qualified Independent School (QIS) agreement?

DegreeToday may grant an exclusive appointment of the Qualified Independent School (QIS) in  a specific geographic area, and/or in a specific area of expertise. For detailed requirements click here.

Are the universities fully and properly accredited?

Absolutley! For more information Click Here


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