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Don't offer courses or classes? But you want to get paid to refer people to the very best in accredited online programs? Here is the program for you!

The Degreetoday Referral Partners Program is open to:








Educational Consultants


Mentors & Coaches


Human Resource Managers


and others!

It's easy! Referral Partners are assigned a mirror site of an accredited university. All evaluations, exams, assignments, assessments, etc are carried out by the university's advisors, faculty and administration.

Referral Partners are provided with a specially assigned mirror site where they can get paid to refer the best in accredited, assessment based degree programs! Partners earn income referring friends, colleagues, family, and potential applicants throughout the world!

No out of pocket expense required!

No start up fee required! Get started today with no fees and nothing to buy, nothing to set up, no web host to pay, no domain names to register - nothing!

Your only investment is your recruiting and promotional skills and any ads or promotions YOU decide to place.

Qualifying Partners receive commissions by referring clients to our exciting new degree programs.

Here is how it works:

1. Submit your promotion/marketing plan Tell us how you plan to
direct traffic to your mirror and/or use your existing site (if you have one) to refer possible clients.
2. Upon approval you will be assigned a mirror site domain.
3. As applications for evaluations come in, you are notified.
4. As payments come in, you are notified
5. The university staff will provide payment updates weekly.
The university will place a live chat program at your mirror site at your request. If so, you must be willing to assist visitors, answer questions and help with decision making.
7. Referral Partners will receive a 15% of each tuition paid.
8. Referral Partners can to set up a PayPal account( or similar service to receive commissions or be paid by check.

IMPORTANT: Experienced
university advisors will handle all students. Referral Partners only direct referrals to their mirror site and chat with visitors to promote the university
program. Referral Partners will not be conducting assessments or working with clients once they apply, other than promotion of the university program by live chat.

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