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QIS Program

QIS Program

As a DegreeToday Qualified Independent School (QIS), your students earn credits that are PRE-APPROVED for transfer toward an accredited college degree by taking YOUR courses.

Your students can fulfill an entire degree program earning credits through YOUR school.

DegreeToday Qualified Independent School Program is open to:

Private School Owners

Training & Course Providers

Portfolio Assessment Agencies

Does your school offer courses or classes?

Many schools have a desire to offer degrees, but may not be eligible.

Some examples are:

†Music Schools

†† Computer Schools

†† Dance Schools

†† Home Schools

†† Holistic Medicine/Health/Treatment Schools

†† Interior Design/Decorator Schools

† Art Schools

†† Sports Schools/Trainers

†† Religious Schools

†† And hundreds of other schools qualify!

As a DegreeToday
Qualified Independent Schools, your school may grant credit to your students for completing YOUR programs. The credits you grant will be PRE-APPROVED for acceptance toward fully accredited degrees by our universities.

Qualified Independent Schools can award credits to their students which will be accepted for transfer toward full degrees issued by a fully accredited University through:†


Completion of courses offered by their own school, or


Passing tests given by their own organization, or


Completion of an independent study, or


Passing an assessment of studentís prior learning or experience, pr


Passing verbal or online interview assessment process, or


Completion of a dissertation, thesis or report, or


Completion of a portfolio assessment, or


Application for an honorary degree, or


Providing proof of knowledge levels, or


Complete any program that the affiliate deems appropriate.

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