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Simple Verification

The form below can be used to verify that a named student did graduate on a certain date with the degree and discipline they claim. We have made this simple format so that an employer can submit a request, and then the verification can be faxed or emailed to their office in the shortest amount of time. In this type of verification we do not disclose any details other than the name, date of graduation, degree, and discipline as recorded in our directory records. If a record does not exist in our database, then a fax or email will be sent stating, "NO SUCH RECORD" with the information supplied here.

For more detailed information Ross College uses a third party to verify all academic files. Request for verification should be sent to;

National Academic Archive Registrar
4401 Connecticut Ave. NW LBBY A #121
Washington, DC. 20008-2325

800-862-5079 202-318-4454 or Fax 202-318-8018

You can also visit the NAAR web site by clicking here

Verification Form
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Verification is being requested on;

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Last Name:

Date Graduated:

Degree and Discipline (e.g.,BS Business Administration :

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Business or Firm Name:

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Reason This Verification is being Requested:

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