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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum test score or GPA for admission? There is no minimum SAT/ACT score required, however, an official copy of the exam scores is required for evaluation and records purposes. A minimum 2.25 GPA is required for freshmen and 2.0 for transfer students, for admission. Graduate requirements may vary.

Must I apply by a certain date? There is no application deadline. However, the sooner your application and other required information is in the better for you. Providing you've been accepted, you still must take care of a few other details.

Is there an application fee? An application fee of US$30 is required for undergraduate and US$40 for graduate first-time applicants. The application fee is non-refundable.

How do I obtain an application? You can fill out a request form on the contact page and submit it to us, or you can send us an email with your mailing information.

Are interviews, essays, or recommendations required for admission? For undergraduate admission, neither interviews nor essays are required. Two recommendations (provided with your application) are helpful, but not required. For graduate admission, a statement of purpose essay is required. Interviews are at the discretion of the department. Three recommendations are required for graduate admission.

Is the GED, General Education Diploma acceptable for admission? Yes, Ross College will accept the General Education/Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Is an orientation required? Yes, Ross College offers an orientation program that is required for every new student prior to beginning any of your online classes. It is designed to help you to become familiar with our online courses, and is available to you once you are admitted to the college and have received your ID and Password.

Where is Ross College located? Ross College is a virtual university located on the world-wide-web.

Who Owns Ross College? Ross College is owned by a private corporation, Distance Educational Services, DES, Inc. A corporation located in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Is there a mini-term or a summer school? There is a summer session conducted each summer at Kendall University, which runs from June through the end of August.

Is there a student aid program or a program to assist with tuition? Not at the present time, but we hope to have a student aid office in place very soon.

If I withdraw from a course will I receive a refund? Refunds are based on when you withdraw. If you withdraw before you begin your class, then a full refund is issued. If you withdraw before the mid-term examinations you will receive a 50% refund. If you withdraw up to three weeks after mid-terms you will receive a 25% refund, but no refund is available past that period.

Will I be able to transfer my credits or degree earned at Kendall University to another university? The answer to this question can best be answered by the institution that you are considering for your transfer. You may transfer all credits and degrees to any institution that is accredited by the same accrediting body that accredits Ross College provided that they offer like courses or degrees.

Do I need a specific GPA to graduate? Yes, any student who has done coursework in any or our online courses must have a GPA of 2.0 in order to Graduate. This does not apply to evaluated degrees where no GPA is available.

What major agencies accredit the university? Ross College has sought and received accreditation from the Association for Online Academic Accreditation (AOAA). In addition, application for accreditation by other accrediting bodies is being sought.

Does the university have a graduate school? Yes, in addition to the undergraduate school, Ross offers post-baccalaureate degrees in the Arts & Sciences, Technology, Business, and degrees from the Theological Seminary.

Is there a job placement service or career day? Ross College keeps abreast of all Career Days, Job Fairs, and professional placement opportunities and places notices in both the student newspaper and in our news bulletins.

More Questions? If you have more questions, then please feel free to submit them by going to our contact page. Also read our disclaimer page.

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