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 All fees are in US dollars:

Upon the candidate's admission, and having met all financial obligations, Robertstown University issues the official degree and all official supporting documents, plus certified copies of Robertstown University signed and sealed certificates of state registration and accreditation.


$450 US High School Diploma
$595 US 30 credits Certificate
$595 US 60 credits Associate
$595 US 120 credits Bachelor
$595 US 130 credits BBA
$695 US 30 credits Master
$795 US 45 credits MBA
$1000 US 60 credits Doctorate

$1,000 US High School/Associate
$1,295 US 150 credits Bachelor/Master
$1,600 US 90 credits Master/Doctor
$2,000 US 210 credits Bachelor/Master/Doctorate


$475 US 15 credits Certificate
$600 US 45 credits Higher Certificate
$600 US 45 credits Diploma
$625 US 60 credits Higher Diploma
$650 US 60 credits Professional Diploma

Robertstown University alumni package includes:

  • GOVERNMENT VERIFICATION of your degree's accreditation by telephone or mail from the Department of Education or Government's Embassy in Washington DC.
  • Direct verification service
  •  Written U.S. verification of your degree, major, graduation date, curriculum and GPA.
  • Unlimited inquiries accepted by letter, fax and e-mail.
  • Permanent archiving of your degree and transcripts at Robertstown University 
  • Robertstown University's prestigious Academic Blue Document Portfolio containing...
  • ISO standard 11 x 8.5 diploma sized University Degree
  • ISO standard 14 x 11 diploma suitable for framing
  • Matriculation History
  • Wallet-sized Degree Certificate
  • Official sealed/embossed graded transcript on premium quality watermarked transcript paper.
  • Graduation Letter
  • Sealed copies of government issued approval certificates awarded to Robertstown University .
  • Graduation Tassel
  • Alumni ID Card for student discounts, benefits and special offers

The above fees include all documents, archive verification service and shipping


Apostille Service Fees

Some graduates enjoy the benefits of having their degree "legalized or authenticated", by having them "Apostilled."

Countries that are Members of the Hague Conference will recognize your degree as being authentic once it is Apostilled. The Apostille is accepted in 59 countries.

Apostillation consists of a notarized document which is attached to your degree, stating that the attached degree document has been fully earned, approved and granted, and the Apostille Document, signed and sealed by the secretary of state or embassy for the attachment of the Apostille.


Apostille Service includes the Notarized Authentication at no additional fee.

Apostille Service Fees:

Apostille (State) with Notarized Authentication:


Apostille (WA DC) Notarized Authentication:


Apostille/Authentication $1500 (includes notary and embassy seal)

Fees are for one degree. Corresponding transcript may be included at no extra charge.






David Brown   "A  supportive atmosphere with excellent scholarship and a wealth of opportunities.”

 Renee Mpiana
“The graduate community & staff contribute a great deal making the entire experience enjoyable."

Paul Wilson
I have never been in a more positive, encouraging, and genuinely friendly environment."

Kesksa Shadrick
“My RU degree has greatly benefited me… best decision I ever made.”

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