Choose the correct answer
Q1.  The President of the United States of America resides in a building called the:
A.  Oval Office
B.  Pentagon
C.  Presidents Mansion
D.  White House

Q2. A person who is running for a political office has thrown his hat into the
A.  box
B.  ring
C.  mix
D.  wind

Q3. You won $60,000 in the lottery.  You keep 1/3 and divide the rest equally among your 5 brothers and your 3 favorite teachers.  Each of their shares amounts to how much?
A.  $3500
B.  $4000
C.  $4500
D.  $5000

Q4. What is the Capitol of the United States?

A.  New York
B.  Washington DC
C.  Los Angeles
D.  Philadelphia

Q5. If you pair each of the numbers from 1 through 8 so that the sum of each pair is identical, what would that sum be?
A.  6
B.  7
C.  8
D.  9

How many continents exist? 
A.  4
B.  9
C.  7
D.  10

Q7. Which state has the lowest population density?
A.  Ohio
B.  Nevada
C.  California
D.  West Virginia

Q8. The seed of which plant contains a kind of milk?
A.  banana
B.  squash
C.  coconut
D.  artichoke

Q9. In 1996, President Clinton cast his vote for U. S.  president in which city?
A.  Washington, D. C. 
B.  Columbus, Georgia
C.  Jackson, Tennessee
D.  Little Rock, Arkansas

Q10. A superfluity of gold is associated with
A.  King Tut
B.  King Kong
C.  King Midas
D.  King Arthur

Where is the Statue of Liberty located?
A.  Paris France
B.  Washington DC
C.  New York, US
D.  London England

Q12. Which is an example of matter?
A.  light
B.  noise
C.  weight
D.  steam

Q13. Which creature hibernates?
A.  mule deer
B.  ground hog
C.  bighorn sheep
D.  mountain goat

If you set aside $250.00 for food, but only spent $198.00 how much extra do you  have?
A.  $48.00
B.  $102.00
C.  $52.00
D.  $2.00

Q15. In the United States, 5 million farmers provide food for 260 million people.  Therefore, farmers comprise what percent of the population?
A.  2%
B.  4%
C.  6%
D.  8%

Q16. Which state is not east of the Mississippi?
A.  Ohio
B.  Kentucky
C.  Illinois
D.  Missouri

If you have paid $2,360 on your car which originally cost $6,582, how much is left to pay?
A.  $1,238
B.  $4,222
C.  $5,632
D.  $3552

Q18. Which is NOT a reptile?
A.  alligator
B.  lizard
C.  mouse
D.  frog

Q19. A state of rivalry or tension between two nations that stops short of violent confrontation is called a
A.  cold war
B.  civil war
C.  holy war
D.  tug of war

Q20. A fracture in which a broken bone protrudes through an open wound in the skin is described as being
A.  complex
B.  comatose
C.  compound
D.  composite

Q21. A common expression indicating that a person lacks strength or vigor is "weak as a _____ "
A.  clam
B.  fawn
C.  puppy
D.  kitten

Q22. Complete this Poor Richard proverb.  A man is known by the company he
A.  sells
B.  keeps
C.  feeds
D.  develops

Q23. Which is correct?
A.  The earth revolves around the sun.
B.  The sun revolves around the earth.
C.  The sun revolves around the moon.
D.  The moon rotates as it revolves around the earth.

24. Which state is not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean?
A.  California
B.  Georgia
C.  Virginia
D.  Delaware

Q25. In 1996, who earned the distinctions of enduring the longest stay in space by any American and the longest stay in space by any woman?
A.  Janet Reno
B.  Shannon Lucid
C.  Faye Resnick
D.  Elizabeth Dole

Q26. What is the chemical formula for water?
A.  H2O2
B.  HO2
C.  H3O
D.  H2O

Q27. In the song from the musical, "Oklahoma," the corn is as high as  
A.  the sky
B.  an elephant's eye
C.  a giraffe's horn
D.  it can be

Q28. Which fraction is not correctly expressed as a percentage?
A.  3/5 = 60%
B.  7/10 = 70%
C.  12/36 = 30%
D.  10/40 = 25%

Q29. Which line contains a word misspelled due to a dropped vowel?
A.  probaly
B.  grievious
C.  goverment
D.  conscientous

Q30. Standard usage is illustrated in which line?
A.  Elvis sings good. 
B.  I will set on the bench. 
C.  Karen can play tennis well. 
D.  The sun will raise at 5:15 a. m. 

Q31. Which is the geographically largest country?
A.  Germany
B.  Brazil
C.  England
D.  Mexico

Q32. Which cheese is made in Italy? 
A.  Brie
B.  American
C.  Parmesan
D.  Cheddar

Q33. Which is the largest European sea?
A.  Mediterranean Sea
B.  Baltic Sea
C.  Caspian Sea
D.  Adriatic Sea

Q34. Which planet is closest to the sun?
A.  Mercury
B.  Earth
C.  Jupiter
D.  Pluto

Q35. Which is not a noun?
A.  table 
B.  went
C.  house
D.  Bob

Q36. What would happen if Earth's atmosphere vanished?
A.  ice caps would expand
B.  oceans would boil away
C.  UV radiation would decrease
D.  continental drift would cease

Q37. Ransom is practically always linked with
A.  perjury
B.  treason
C.  kidnapping
D.  manslaughter

Q38. Had it been possible to buy life insurance in ancient Rome, whose premiums would have been highest?
A.  consuls
B.  plebeians
C.  praetors
D.  gladiators

Q39. The ratio of the energy a machine delivers to the energy supplied to it defines
A.  efficiency
B.  power
C.  inertia
D.  momentum

Q40. Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?
A.  K2
B.  Mt. Rainier
C.  Mt. Fuji
D.  Mt. Everest

Q41. The torrid zone is in the region of
A.  the Equator
B.  the Arctic Circle
C.  the Prime Meridian
D.  the Tropic of Cancer

Q42. Which is the largest ocean on this planet?
A.  Atlantic
B.  Indian
C.  Pacific
D.  Artic

Q43. The longest river on earth is
A.  The Mississippi
B.  The Amazon
C.  The Nile
D.  The Columbia

Q44. The greatest daily temperature ranges would occur in July in which city?
A.  Honolulu, Hawaii
B.  Galveston, Texas
C.  Anchorage, Alaska
D.  Carson City, Nevada

Q45. For which word are there several common rhyming words?
A.  blue
B.  orange
C.  liquid
D.  silver

Q46. To make fire you must have
A. air and heat
B.  rotary, heat and friction
C.  fuel, air and heat
D.  water, fuel, air

Q47. Impalas are
A.  deer
B.  bears
C.  seals
D.  antelope

Q48. Twenty is the number of
A.  heads on the Hydra
B.  dwarfs in "Snow White"
C.  years Rip van Winkle slept
D.  thieves confronted by Ali Baba

Q49. Which is NOT a mineral
A.  calcium
B.  iron
C.  fungus
D.  copper

What letter is silent in the word "handsome"?
A.  N
B.  H
C.  S
D.  D

 End this common idiom: "Too many cooks spoil the...
A.  broth
B.  kitchen
C.  dinner
D.  outcome

What do you call your sister's son?
A.  cousin
B.  uncle
C.  nephew
D.  brother

What does UFO stand for?
unseen flying object
unauthorized foreign object
unidentified flying object
united foreign organization

 Which animal cannot jump?
A.  mouse
B.  elephant
C.  dog
D.  kangaroo

Q55. Familiarity breeds contempt, while rarity wins
A.  genius
B.  courage
C.  admiration
D.  indecision

Q56. Which is not an abstract noun?
A.  honor
B.  finesse
C.  revenge
D.  shadow

Q57. At sea level the boiling point of water is
A.  100 Fahrenheit or 212 degrees Celsius
B.  212 Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius
C.  200 Fahrenheit or 110 degrees Celsius
D.  112 Fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius

Q58. The slogan "Fifty-four forty or fight" referred to a
A.  certain line of latitude
B.  price for an ounce of gold
C.  date to end slavery in the U. S. 
D.  cap on the number of immigrants

Q59. In which state is there a national park encompassing a deep-blue lake in the heart of a dormant volcano?
A.  Hawaii
B.  Alaska
C.  Oregon
D.  Montana

Q60. The speed of light is
A.  186 miles per second
B.  186,000 miles per hour
C.  186,000 miles per second
D.  186 miles per hour

Where did the first atomic bomb used in war explode?
A.  Hiroshima
B.  Honolulu
C.  Russia
D.  Iraq

Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
A.  Van Gough
B.  Warhol
D.  Da Vince

Q63. Which is the largest continent?
A.  North America
B.  Australia
C.  South America
D.  Africa

Q64. What ending makes this quote by Oscar Wilde a paradox? The amount of women who flirt with their own husbands is perfectly
A.  enormous
B.  ridiculous
C.  tumultuous
D.  scandalous

Q65. Which two oceans does the Panama Canal link?
A.  Atlantic/Pacific
B.  Pacific/Indian
C.  Atlantic/Indian
D.  Pacific/Panama

Q66. What natural phenomena are measured by the 'Richter scale'?
A.  earthquakes
B.  hurricanes
C.  tornados
D.  monsoons

Q67. The term "aborigine" is commonly used in reference to natives of what specific country?
A.  China
B.  Kenya
C.  Malaysia
D.  Australia

Q68. Which musical instrument has keys, pedals and strings? 
A.  guitar
B.  trombone
C.  piano
D.  xylophone

Q69. Libel is associated with
A.  recidivism
B.  negligence
C.  defamation
D.  malfeasance

Q70. Which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruits?
A.  E
B.  D
C.  B
D.  C

Q71. Which is a shape with eight sides?
A.  pentagon
B.  octagon
C.  cube
D.  hexagon

Q72. Who developed the theory of evolution by natural selection?
A.  Socrates
B.  Einstein
C.  Darwin
D.  Plato

Q73. Which US capital city is not correctly paired with the correct state?
A.  New York City - New York
B.  Olympia - Washington
C.  Trenton New Jersey
D.  Tallahassee - Florida

Q74. What is illustrated in this passage? The last time I saw him he was walking down Lover's Lane holding his own hand. 
A.  stoicism
B.  narcissism
C.  skepticism
D.  monasticism

Q75. The study of plants is
A.  botany
B.  biology
C.  physiology
D.  psychology

Q76. Which is not a possible abbreviation for one of the president's cabinet officers?

Q77. What instrument is used for measuring temperature?
A.  radar
B.  ruler
C.  barometer
D.  thermometer

Q78. Bordering on US is the
A.  Gulf of Mexico
B.  Gulf of Aden
C.  Gulf of Suez
D.  Gulf of Cadiz

Q79. Blood is filtered by the
A.  liver
B.  kidneys
C.  intestines
D.  lungs

Q80. Which Greek suffix indicates "blood"?
A.  opia
B.  emia
C.  phobia
D.  mania

Q81. Which travel fastest?
A.  air
B.  water
C.  sound
D.  light

Q82. The National Defense Education Act of 1958 was directly inspired by the
A.  launch of Sputnik
B.  loss of atmospheric ozone
C.  construction of the Berlin Wall
D.  invasion of South Korea by China

Q83. A slang term for an inept performance or a poor theater production is
A.  dodo
B.  turkey
C.  vulture
D.  chicken

Q84. A body of citizens sworn to weigh the evidence and decide the facts of a legal case is called a
A.  posse
B.  jury
C.  clan
D.  class

Q85. Which country has the most people?
A.  India
B.  China
C.  United States
D.  Nigeria

Q86. How many legs does an insect have?
A.  8
B.  6
C.  2
D.  4

Q87. Which of the United States is the biggest in area?

A.  Texas
B.  California
C.  Alaska
D.  New York

Q88. Of the following elements, which is heaviest?
A.  silver
B.  gold
C.  iron
D.  copper

Q89. The Aztec Empire was in the central part of what modern country?
A.  Norway
B.  Pakistan
C.  Russia
D.  Mexico

Q90. Name the type of clock invented by the ancient Egyptians that was of absolutely no use at night.
A.  hourglass
B.  sundial
C.  radial
D.  calendar

Q91. Which statement is self-contradictory?
A.  No old men are young. 
B.  All writers are females. 
C.  All rules have exceptions. 
D.  No apples have green stems. 

Q92. What is the name of the category of literature works published at regular intervals, usually weekly, monthly, or quarterly?
A.  public notice 
B.  press release
C.  periodical
D.  manuscript

Q93. What is the name for a facility that separates oil into a variety of petrochemicals such as gasoline, kerosene, and propane?
A.  refinery 
B.  hydro-electric plant
C.  warehouse
D.  distillery

Q94. Which is a conditional statement?
A.  I'll go if you come with me. 
B.  I'll go or I'll stay. 
C.  I'll go and I'll bring you something. 
D.  I'll go but I won't bring you anything. 

Q95. The flag of what Asian nation includes a red circle on a white background?
A.  Chile
B.  Japan
C.  Venezuela
D.  Liberia

Q96. The official population count and collection of demographic information on the inhabitants of a country is called a
A.  count
B.  database
C.  poll
D.  census

Q97. A gasoline tank has a capacity of 18 gallons.  The tank is 1/4 full.  The additional number of gallons needed to completely fill it is
A.  14. 5
B.  11. 5
C.  13. 5
D.  12. 5

Q98. Consider a taxi which charges $1. 20 for the first 1/3 of a mile and $.50 for each additional third of a mile.  How much would a 5 mile trip cost?
A.  $6.40
B.  $8.20
C.  $7.60
D.  $8.60

Q99. A model rocket was launched to an altitude of 54,925 feet.  How many feet above 10 miles did it travel?
A.  1845
B.  1975
C.  2125
D.  2165

Q100. A factory wants to put a dozen jars of chocolate sauce in boxes for shipping.  They have 420 jars of sauce.  How many boxes will they need?
A.  35
B.  70
C.  24
D.  18