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Admission/Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:

The following minimum requirements are needed to qualify for a degree. Exceptions to these requirements will be made on a case-by-case basis, but exceptions are rare.


Associate Degree: Requires 60 credits

Bachelor Degree: Requires 120 credits

Master Degree: Requires 30 credits (bachelor degree or assessment equivalency required)

Master of Business Administration: Requires 40 credits. (Bachelor degree or assessment equivalency required)

Doctorate: Requires 60 credits. (Master degree or assessment equivalency required)


Admission Requirements:


 Our goal is to allow anyone with the desire and drive  to be given an opportunity to enter. 

A High School Diploma or equivalency is required. However, if the individual does not hold a High School Diploma or equivalency at admission an  exam or portfolio assemment equivalency may be included in the Associate or Bachelor degree program.

 Admission to the master's program requires an accredited bachelor's degree or an assessment evaluation of equivalency of bachelor degree-level knowledge.

Entry will be based on our detailed analysis of work experience and responsibility in positions held. No one is admitted to begin a degree program unless the Admissions Committee of the Robertstown University is satisfied that they have a reasonable chance of completing the studies satisfactorily. The decision of the Committee is final and is not subject to review.


The Process


Robertstown University grants credit for independent studies, correspondence courses, seminars, workshops, language skills, military credits, work experience, domestic skills, and any other learning process whether acquired inside or outside classroom walls. Robertstown University also accepts transfer of credit from other schools and sources without expiration of validity.

Robertstown University evaluates and awards academic credits for prior experiential learning through a proprietary process incorporating techniques recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE), New York Board of Regents Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI), Council for Advancement of Experiential Learning (CAEL), Defence Activity for Non-Traditional Education (DANTE), American College Testing (ACT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and all recognized credit sources.

The ongoing career needs of most individuals dictate a return to education to gain or maintain understanding, training, updating, and awareness. Skills and knowledge of yesterday are only effective to the extent that they are reviewed today.

This reviewing is effectively done and is more beneficial in terms of time and cost for the student to update and advance at the same time.

Robertstown University provides access for a broad cross section of all people in all nations to the advanced training and research that they need. This advantage is no longer the province of the privileged nations or individuals.

To provide these benefits, Robertstown University offers all models of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees: the UK and Australian research model, the competency model and the course based model, while applying the academic standards of US and UK Schools. The typical equivalencies are 4 years of study for the Bachelor Degree, 3 years of study for the Masters Degrees and 3 years of study for the Doctorate degrees. Robertstown demands high quality postgraduate levels of research, offers a world-class faculty, and has earned acceptance and accreditation as an Open University. 






David Brown   "A  supportive atmosphere with excellent scholarship and a wealth of opportunities.”

 Renee Mpiana
“The graduate community & staff contribute a great deal making the entire experience enjoyable."

Paul Wilson
I have never been in a more positive, encouraging, and genuinely friendly environment."

Kesksa Shadrick
“My RU degree has greatly benefited me… best decision I ever made.”

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