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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robertstown University accredited?


Robertstown University is fully accredited by the Higher Education Commission Ministry of Liberia, Robertstown University operates under the authority and in conformity with all current laws and regulations ruling educational competency certification of the Republic of Liberia, and meets all legal qualifications to establish and operate as a university to grant undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level degrees.


How does a degree earned via distance education differ from a traditional means?

Robertstown University offers a much more efficient and  affordable option to a traditional degree program. According to the US Department of Education, the average cost for a bachelor degree obtained on a traditional college or university campus is upwards of $ 30,000; and private colleges and universities rage from $ 30,000 - $ 50,000. Graduate degrees are considerably more expensive than undergraduate studies to well  over $100,000. RU will save you thousands of dollars and often years in time.

Will a RU degree in education allow me to become certified as a teacher?
RU graduates with degrees in education can be certified as teachers.

See: http://uscredentials.com/teachers.htm


Will a RU degree in business allow me to become a CPA?

AEI will certify RU graduates in business can be to sit for the CPA exam in 49 of the 50 states (California has their own rules).

Will I be required to write a dissertation?

Some doctorates are based on dissertation, while others are based on coursework and/or projects. Your advisor will guide you through completion of the requirements for your doctorate degree.


Does RU offer Notarized Diploma Authentication or Apostille Service ?

Yes. Authentication consists of a notarized document attesting to the authenticity of the degree certificate which is attached to a copy of your degree certificate. Robertstown degrees can also be Apostilled by a Secretary of State Department or Country Official. The Apostille (with official seal) legalizes the notarized authenticity report of your Robertstown degree and transcript.

Does RU have residency requirements?

No, this is a completely nonresidential distance learning program and there is no residency requirement to obtain a degree.


Can I use my RU bachelor’s degree to enter a graduate program at another institution?

Many US regionally accredited universities and colleges have stated in writing that they will accept RU degrees for admission to their graduate schools.  If a transfer of credit is your goal, we encourage you to contact the school you wish to transfer to prior to submitting your application.

Does everyone qualify for a degree?

No, very few qualify on assessment alone, But, with the assistance of the advisor those students with inadequate career experience can earn additional credits through passing exams, independent study, online courses and other options and eventually qualify for their degree.  Summary of The Process 

  How well are Robertstown University degrees accepted ?
Many of our clients have their entire tuition fees paid by military, Fortune 500 companies, local and federal government agencies, and businesses of all types. Attestation and Apostillation of your RU degree may also be required by some employers.
Proof of acceptance can be found by downloading and consulting the international degree comparison table published by the U.S. Regionally Accredited traditional American University of Washington.

How does the verification process work?

All students are provide with a  complete set of official degree documents including transcripts. Enquirers such as schools, employers and verification agencies), will receive verification by email, phone, fax or regular postal mail. Every request for verification, must include a valid and verifiable name, company name and email address for RU to reply to. Your degree, major, GPA and graduation date are verifiable from us on the very day of your enrollment.


Can RU degrees be evaluated postively by RECOGNIZED foreign evaluation agencies as equivalent to United States regionally accredited degrees?

Yes. Because Robertstown University is legally Chartered (1984) and fully accredited and recognized by its home country's Higher Education Commission, many agencies have attested that RU degrees are equivalent to United States regionally accredited degrees.

Can I legally include my new title on official documents?
Your title is completely valid and legitimate. It can be included on any official form such as your driving license, telephone directory listings, website, loan or mortgage applications and passport.
  What grading systems is used?
Robertstown University uses a 4.0 grading scale (A=4.0,  B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0, Fail) which is comprised of course work, testing and related thesis or dissertation assignments.
How will I communicate with my advisor/instructor?
Students will communicate with their advisor/instructors via Internet chat, fax or  email.
  How are exams/tests administered?
Students are advised as to which tests may be required.  Students will take their test online and/or email term papers to their advisor/instructor.
Where can I purchase caps, gowns and Robertstown University rings?
You may order them directly from Jostens. Be proud of your Alma Mater! And show your school spirit. Are you interested in a class ring?

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  Can I call and ask more questions?
Please feel free to email a description of any concern, and we will be happy to forward it on to the proper advisor.
If you have read the entire content of this website and have not found any instance of your concern, and if your question is relevant to earning a degree you may call (202) 478 1779.

How do I get started?

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David Brown   "A  supportive atmosphere with excellent scholarship and a wealth of opportunities.”

 Renee Mpiana
“The graduate community & staff contribute a great deal making the entire experience enjoyable."

Paul Wilson
I have never been in a more positive, encouraging, and genuinely friendly environment."

Kesksa Shadrick
“My RU degree has greatly benefited me… best decision I ever made.”

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