Excellence through Distance Learning for Mature Students  


Distance Learning

Students who are beginning their education, making a career change or continuing their education are encouraged to enroll in the exclusive Robertstown University Distance Learning Program.


Unlike our signature Portfolio Assessment and Competency Exam Programs, the RU Distance Learning Program is specially designed for individuals without years of prior learning or experience who wish to enter new careers and get a great education without  spending years in a "Traditional" lecture-style classroom.

Robertstown University Distance Learning Program offers ACCELERATED coursework-based degrees for busy individuals who want a high quality education without interrupting their present careers or family responsibilities.

RU has no intention of becoming  a “traditional” because we feel that compared to new online educational opportunities  “traditional” usually means slow, drawn out, and wasteful of time. Nearly 90% of typical “traditional” classroom time is wasted on "off topic" conversation, socializing, discipline and interruption.

RU programs are concise and efficient (most can be completed less than four months) without sacrificing quality because they are perfected before being delivered online.

Your appointed mentor can advise you on the very best courses to take to earn credit toward your degree.


Please contact your Advisor for updates on RU Online Courses!



Full credit is awarded for all Kaplan College Courses:





David Brown   "A  supportive atmosphere with excellent scholarship and a wealth of opportunities.”

 Renee Mpiana
“The graduate community & staff contribute a great deal making the entire experience enjoyable."

Paul Wilson
I have never been in a more positive, encouraging, and genuinely friendly environment."

Kesksa Shadrick
“My RU degree has greatly benefited me… best decision I ever made.”

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