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Competency Exam

Robertstown University's Competency Exam Program provides a unique opportunity for qualified individuals to prove their knowledge levels and acquire college credit by passing exams in a wide range of fields, including business,  technology, arts and sciences..

Applicants do not have to travel or appear in person at an exam center. The exam can be taken from any computer. The exam duration is for a specific period of time. If the individual does not finish in time the test screen will end without submitting the result and a retest will be required.

Each test covers all the courses in a segment of the particular degree program. (For example; the Programming test covers all the courses from PRO01 to PRO05)

Once the individual qualifies for a degree, the Professor will calculate the GPA. Equal weight is not given to each question. Certain questions may be given more weight than others depending on the curriculum requirements of degree program. Because our exams and processes are proprietary we do not give out lists of questions or answer keys under any circumstances.

If the student’s assessment has determined that he/she has earned credits through experience and/or prior learning the submission of research assignments, coursework, and exams for those courses already mastered will not be required.










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I have never been in a more positive, encouraging, and genuinely friendly environment."

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