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Robertstown is  Nationally Chartered (1982) and FULLY ACCREDITED by the  Higher Education Commission Ministry of Liberia, which grants recognition to post-secondary education institutions in Liberia.

Robertstown University has submitted documentation of degree programs, descriptions of course/course equivalency completion, curriculum, catalog, assessment manual, policies and all required criteria meeting the very high standards required to gain recognition by the Education Ministry of Liberia.

Robertstown University is accredited as a degree-awarding post-secondary institution of higher education in the form of a university by the National Commission on Higher Education, the only  Higher Education Accrediting Authority of the Ministry of Education in the Government of Liberia.

Federal Accreditation by a National Government represents the highest form of globally accepted, legal and valid accreditation of a college or university, and the validity of awarded academic degrees.


Degree evaluators in the United States and abroad have concluded that if a foreign college or university is recognized and accredited by a nation's Ministry of Education, it is viewed to be equal of a regionally or nationally accredited USA degree, and of a nationally recognized degree in other countries.

Robertstown University upholds the highest academic, professional and legal standards of West African higher education credentialing in the Distance Education arena.

From The Perspective' (Atlanta, Georgia): ''Liberian Government's Minister of Education becomes MINISTER OF THE YEAR 2002-2003''.

For confirmation you may contact:


The Embassy of Liberia
5201 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20011
Government Ministry of Education
Executive Director, National Commission on Higher Education
Dr. Lawrence S. Bestman
Broad Street 4th Floor, Room 413
Republic of Liberia

Liberian Ministry of Education

Tel: (+231) 226406; (+231) 226216;

(+231) 225888; (+231) 3300528
Fax: (+231) 226144


The Republic of Liberia is one of the earliest United Nations Educational Organization UNESCO Higher Education Partners, and a historical American Colony

In addition to National accreditation, the university has applied for a listing in The International Handbook of Universities (a UNESCO publication).

This listing in the Handbook is widely accepted as equivalent to "accreditation" by registrars worldwide.  It is however, not the only standard of “recognition” used. 








David Brown   "A  supportive atmosphere with excellent scholarship and a wealth of opportunities.”

 Renee Mpiana
“The graduate community & staff contribute a great deal making the entire experience enjoyable."

Paul Wilson
I have never been in a more positive, encouraging, and genuinely friendly environment."

Kesksa Shadrick
“My RU degree has greatly benefited me… best decision I ever made.”

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