Graduate & Postgraduate

The academic programs at Parkhurst University keep you at the core of the dynamic world in which we live.

Our strong liberal arts curriculum will improve your ability to think, write and communicate. Our equally strong engineering and technology program will build your skills, improve your ability to solve complex problems, and keep you on the cutting edge of new developments. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere in which you will acquire knowledge as well as develop yourself academically and socially.

Upon registration with the University, each student must indicate the degree that they anticipate pursuing and familiarize themselves with the requirements of that specific degree. Each student is assigned a meeting schedule with one of our knowledgeable student counselors to build a learning schedule that will best fit their unique and individual goals.

Ample flexibility over the course of their education is also assured, enabling students to make educational and career choices consistent with expanding opportunities and rapidly changing conditions of our society today.

For a list of programs from which to choose, see Study Opportunities

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