BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Rev. Dr. Paulo de Aragão Lins, ThD, PhD, DD

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY: Pr. Delmar Gonçalves, ThM

ACADEMIC DEAN: Rev. Dr. André Silveira de Aragão, ThD

SECRETARY: Miss. Nelci Dutra Gonçalves


    Dr. Paulo de Aragão Lins, Th.D, Ph.D, DD is a Christian minister, missionary, writer, poet, journalist, translator and professor. He is Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Philosophy, Graduated of Clinical Psychoanalysis, Master of Theology, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy of the Religion. He is also Doctor of Divinity, Doctor Honoris Causa, squire and knight, titles granted by some important theological and philosophical entities, and by some heraldic and condecorative societies. When he was four years old he could already read the periodical that arrived every Sunday. When he was fifteen years old he had already read 400 books (classical and contemporary romances, novels, poetries, stories and Psychology) and when he was eighteen years old had already memorized a great part of the New Testament. When he was twenty years old he had already read more than 1,500 volumes on Literature, Sciences, Practical Medicine and Philosophy. He was the first one two times in contests for the university and the courses that he carried through. He has today, more than 25 academic degrees. He attended courses on Education, Theology, Philosophy, Missiology, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Rumanian, Latin, Greek, Special Education, Geography, Political Sociology and Electronic Engineering. He has been lecturing in twenty nine countries, mainly about Science and Faith. With such lectures he already gained students, professors and even scientists for Christ. Dr. Paulo de Aragão Lins is President or member of the Board of some important entities, among which the Superior Institute of Biblical Research and the Order of Theologians of Latin America. Dr. Paulo de Aragão Lins is writer of some books like: BIBLE CURIOSITIES, THE FIRM FOUNDATION, THE BIBLE SAYS THAT? THE BIBLICAL PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS, WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN DO FOR YOU, SIMPLE ADVICES FOR A BETTER LIVING and JEWELS OF THE GOOD TREASURE. He also translated many books to Portuguese, English and Spanish. He is 61 now and attends any invitation for lectures in churches, seminaries or universities.