After a lot of planning, we concluded that although the course worth a lot more, we will request only the payment of US$300,00 (three hundred American dollars).  In any other theological course you would have to spend two, three or four years and would pay the amount of two to seven thousand dollars.

     Now, a good notice:  you can pay your course through monthly installments of one hundred dollars. The first payment of US$100,00 (one hundred dollars) must be made in advance and the other payments in the next two months.

     The payments can be made by check to the order of Stardel Inc., from anywhere in the world.  If you prefer, send a money order or any other way that you choose. You write your check in the currency of your country with the equivalent value. 

     As soon as we receive your check, we will send your academic material and we will be wishing all the success of the world for you. Take the time you need.  We do not place any limitation to your work. 

     We have all the confidence, dear brother or dear sister, that God will bless you in a special way, with the achievement of this course that will be a great victory in your life.  Please send your answers by mail to the following address: 

Panamerican Seminary
4081 N. Federal Hwy
Suite 120-B
Pompano Beach, FL USA 33064
Phone:  (954) 941 9975