Apostille Services


Employers and agencies sometimes require degree holders to have their degrees "legalized or authenticated", by having them "Apostilled".  

Countries that are Members of the Hague Conference will recognize your degree as being authentic once it is Apostilled. The Apostille is accepted in 59 countries

Apostillation consists of a notarized document which is attached to your degree, stating that the attached degree document has been fully earned, approved and granted, and the Apostille Document, signed and sealed by the secretary of state or embassy for the attachment of the Apostille. 

NBOE Apostille Service includes every step of this process,  including the Notarized Authentication at no additional fee.


Apostille Service  Fees: 


Apostille (State) with Notarized Authentication





Apostille (WA DC) Notarized Authentication


Normal Fee: $1200 





Apostille/Authentication $1500 (includes notary and embassy seal)



Fees are for one degree.  Corresponding transcript may be included at no extra charge plus additional shipping & handling charge of $40.00 for 1 authentication order and $20.00 for each additional authentication


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