Notarized Authentication


Notarized Authentication consists of a notarized document attached to your degree or other documents, stating that the attached document has been fully earned, approved and granted.


The authentication prepares your  document to be taken before your secretary of state or embassy where it can be Apostilled, if you wish. If you are using this method of authentication, please first check to see if this is the procedure in your country. 


Many clients report that Notarized Authentication is all that is needed (without the Apostille).


Notarized Authentication  Fees: 


Separate Document 

This is a separate document that is sent to you so that you can attach it to your degree or other document yourself.

$295 if your documents are archived with OTAC

$400 if  emailing or faxing documents 

Imprinted on Original Diploma

If you choose this process, you must send us your original diploma and/or transcript, and the notarized authorization will be imprinted on the back of your document, signed and notarized. Allow time for mail delivery. Click here for mailing information.



Fees are for one degree diploma.  Corresponding transcript may be included at no extra charge.

plus additional shipping & handling charge of:

$36.00   for 1 authentication  order

$15.00  for each additional authentication 


To order Authentication Service CLICK HERE

Who Needs This Service?

The Notarized Authentication Option is for individuals who want  a notarized statement of authenticity to support their documents, but do not want, or need Apostillation, OR for individuals who choose to have their documents Apostilled or  authenticated by an embassy themselves.


Notarized Authentication is available for numerous types of documents.  Email us for more information on types of documents that may be authenticated.