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PACKET: What You Should Know About Online Courses




Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements


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Before you take an online course, be sure that you have the necessary hardware and software to access the courses. Keep in mind....


You must have access to a

  • pentium class computer
  • 33.6 bps minimum modem
  • printer (optional but recommended)
  • Software

  • Internet connection (MacArther.Net etc)
  • Netscape Communicator version 4.5 or newer or Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer (examples shown are Netscape screens)

    There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to take an online course from a workstation that is shared by other people.

    1. If you are taking the course from work, you may have a firewall issue. A firewall protects your workplace computer from unauthorized file transfers. However, when you submit homework, you will be transferring files. A talk with your computer department at work should solve this problem. It is not something we can take care of from our end.

    2. If you are taking the course from a computer lab, then you must make sure you log off before you leave the computer. You don't want to leave your computer logged into your class. If you surf the net after you leave your class, make sure that you have logged out first. Close your browser to be sure. If you have set your mail or FTP preferences, make sure you clear your user name and password out of these as well. Otherwise, the next student using that lab computer can use your email account.

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